Prepaid shows: The complete guide for SkyPrivate users

SkyPrivate’s Pay-Per-Minute technology lets our users enjoy live Skype shows and only pay for the time they spend in a private show. In other cases, users prefer prepaid shows. That’s why we have the prepay feature at the ready just for this situation. In this tutorial, you will learn:

  • how to book models on SkyPrivate
  • how to prepay Skype shows.

But first, let’s see why and how you can use this payment method.


4 reasons users prefer to prepay Skype shows


  • They want to have full control over their spending. Time flies when you’re having fun! That’s why users who have a limited budget and specific requests can discuss the show details and pay in advance. This is a good way of making sure they can enjoy themselves without any worries.


  • They want to negotiate a better show. It’s no secret that cam models love their most loyal fans. Before prepaying for a show, members can discuss directly with the model and negotiate a mutually beneficial deal which will ensure total satisfaction for both parties involved.


  • They are willing to pay for special props. Is there a costume you want your favorite model to wear? Or a sex toy that you want to try together? If she accepts to buy and use it for you, you can include the money for that item in the show’s price.

Note: only send money to models you’ve had shows with before and trust!


How to book models for prepaid shows

  1. Log into your SkyPrivate account and go to
  2. Search for the model you want. We actually have recently posted an article on how you can use SkyPrivate’s search and filter options; check it out! 
  3. Go to her profile 
  4. Copy her Skype ID 
  5. Go to your Skype and paste her Skype ID in the search bar
  6. Start a conversation with the model. Tell her what kind of show you would want, ask her when she would be available and settle on a date and time for the show.


How to make a payment for a prepaid show

  1. Log into your SkyPrivate account and go to Payments -> Pay 
  2. As we have previously mentioned, you should only prepay shows with models you already know and trust. Enter her Skype ID in the first form 
  3. Add the amount you would like to send 
  4. Clearly state what the money’s for. Here you should add details like, what kind of show you would want, a day and time, or any other details regarding the show 
  5. Click send, and you’re ready 


That’s it! That’s how easy it is to book and prepay shows on SkyPrivate. So, what do you say? Are you up for a private session with your favorite girl?

Safety and Privacy First: How SkyPrivate keeps all of your data secure while you enjoy private shows

Using a video chat service can be risky, especially if the platform you are using doesn’t have data encryption. However, when it comes to safety and privacy, just like the name shows, SkyPrivate takes matters very seriously. This means you don’t have to worry about your personal data being leaked and you can just enjoy the show.

In this article, we are going to show you:

  • how SkyPrivate manages to keep your personal data safe
  • why Skype is the best platform for video chat
  • how easy-to-use our Pay Per Minute plugin is
  • and how to remain anonymous when you enjoy private shows.

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You Can Now Send and Receive Tips on SkyPrivate

skyprivate tipping

You asked for this functionality and we listened. Starting a couple of weeks ago, we introduced the tipping functionality for private Skype shows.

Many of our users have asked for this functionality over time and we have been working hard to make it a reality. This will be just one of the first new updates, in a long line of improvements that will be coming to SkyPrivate in the next couple of months.

How does it work?

Any model that has a good profile and is in good standing with SkyPrivate will have access to this feature. When a call is started, members will receive an automated message that will notify them about this new functionality and how to use it. If the message isn’t triggered automatically, you should contact our support team in order to resolve any possible issues.

After the automated prompt, members can begin sending tips by typing the !tip shortcode and adding a sum, for example:

!tip 100

This will send 100 cents to the model. Note: All the tips are calculate in CENTS not in dollars. We have opted for this solution because we wanted to give full control to members regarding how much they want to tip at a given time. You can see some of the basic functionality in the GIF below.

skyprivate tipping

Both members and models will receive a notification that the tip was sent and received. All the tips will go out directly from the member’s SkyPrivate account. As long as the member has money in his account, they will be able to use this feature.

For the time being, there are no limits on either how much or how little can be sent in a tip. Along with that, the tipping functionality is limited to live Skype shows.

We are looking to also add audio notifications that will vary depending on the size of the tips. If you have any other suggestions regarding how we could expand this functionality  don’t hesitate to let us know on social media or via the form listed at the end of this article.

What does this mean for you

As a model, you will have the opportunity to educate your members to take advantage of this feature, and make sure that you get the attention that you deserve.

As a member, you are now able to tip your favorite models during some awesome shows and give them the appreciation that they deserve.

We are really excited to start offering this new feature as our purpose was and still remains that of bringing models and members that much closer.

In conclusion, we would be more than happy to hear your opinions about this feature. We would love to hear how will you use it as a model, what would you like to see added as a member and any other crazy ideas that you might have. If you want to help, please do complete the form listed below.

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We’re going LIVE!

skyprivate live 24 7 live chat intercom

Social media may seem to be a sponge for time but in the end it aims to connect us.

On this note, we’re making bold steps towards building a relationship with you, our valued customer. Beyond answering tickets, we’re at your disposal, round-the-clock, with English, Spanish, Russian and Romanian native speaking support agents.

Getting closer to you and your needs, is one of our priorities.  We’re committed to providing you with the best customer experience in the camsite industry, therefore, ladies and gentlemen:

Since December,1st our Customer Experience team welcomes you on the Live Chat!

Look for the blue dot in the bottom right corner!

skyprivate live chat blue dot

You can find it on the main website, in the profiles and account sections, ready to help.

Make sure you’re logged in so we know who needs us and render a hand quicker than ever before.

Going LIVE also means we have your back 24 / 7 and you’ll be able to peek at the estimated reaction time and know how soon we’ll be able to reply.

skyprivate live chat intercom


The FAQ section

You can find a fresh look for our F.A.Q. section located at and we managed to make the content accessible for you in English, Spanish, Russian and Romanian.

While catering for your needs via Live Chat will be our priority, you can still reach us comfortably through the other channels: Skype and Discord.


The support page

Peek at our new dedicated support page and feel free to share any feedback that you see fit, we welcome it with a full heart.

If you need help, got a question or just wanna say hi, simply drop by

Just spark a conversation and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Live Cam shows: How to find the right cam girl using filter options

We are sure your ideal cam girl is on SkyPrivate so, if you haven’t found her yet, we are going to show you:

  • How to search for a specific cam girl
  • How to use filters to watch relevant live cam shows
  • Types of special live cam shows available on SkyPrivate.

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SkyPrivate KYC verification: A step-by-step guide on how to verify your SkyPrivate model account

Hello ladies! If you’re here, you have probably decided to give SkyPrivate a go and set up your model account. We’re thrilled to have you on board! In order to make the SkyPrivate KYC verification as smooth as possible, we have decided to prepare this article where we will cover:

  • the kind of info we will need from you
  • why we need it
  • how to make sure you get past the SkyPrivate KYC verification process on your first attempt.  


The KYC (Know Your Customer) verification is an important step in the registration process on SkyPrivate. However, you don’t have to stress about it. It’s actually not difficult at all, you just have to pay attention to a few details.


In this article you will learn more about:

  • The SkyPrivate KYC verification step
  • Photo requirements
  • The types of problems you might encounter
  • How to take better photos for any KYC verification.

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Cam girl: How SkyPrivate ensures your safety as a model

One of the main fears all cam girls have is closely related to privacy and security – what if my clients find out my personal details? What if my friends and family find out I am a cam girl? Fear not, sisters! At SkyPrivate, we take your safety very seriously, so you don’t have to worry.

In this article, we are going to cover:

  • Why Skype is one of the best video chat platforms for cam girls
  • How the SkyPrivate plugin keeps you safe
  • Why a cam girl should set up a public profile.

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Skype 8 compatibility ensured

skype8 compatibility

A while ago, around August, Microsoft signaled that they would drop support for Skype 7, a feature rich version of Skype that users came to enjoy more than the latest.

At the time we advised you not to upgrade, as the company (Microsoft) and the software (Skype) came to push you to do.

We were already in the process of improving our plugin to become compatible with Skype 8, and now we can tell you that it’s safe to upgrade!

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How to avoid scammers on SkyPrivate

Hello, darlings and welcome back to our blog!

Today we want to talk to you about a serious matter: scammers. Yep! As long as money is involved, there will always be people who will want to take advantage of you.

There are lots of scammers who frequent cam sites in search for freebies. Most of the time, they will ask for a free show, they will promise to tip you well after you’ve done a show (which never happens!), or they will chargeback. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Although this doesn’t happen a lot on SkyPrivate, there are stories of cam models who got scammed: they gave long, explicit shows in the promise of a big tip at the end, but they never received that tip.

Because we care a lot about your safety and your overall experience on our platform, we wanted to raise awareness.

So, through this blog post, we want to teach you not only how to identify scammers and how to avoid them, but also how to make sure they will never bother you again. At any given time, if a member harasses or blackmails you (saying that he knows who you are or he has pictures of you and he will tell your friends and family if you don’t give him a free show), or if you simply think that an account is suspicious, please report that user immediately by using one of our official communication channels!

Now, let’s dive right in, shall we?

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Social Media for Cam Models: How to grow & monetize your online community

Webcam modeling is advertised as an industry where you can earn big bucks from day one, but if you’ve been here for a while, you know that that’s not true. The camming industry is a cut-throat business where you have to work smart in order to succeed.

So how can you beat the competition? The difference between models who spend many hours online but at the end of the day don’t have much to show for it and models who only spend a few hours online and still manage to fill their pockets lays in the way they use social media.

Models who make good use of social media are able to attract more clients, and therefore they earn more money.

In this article, we’re going to talk about social media platforms that cam models can use and how to keep in touch with fans and followers and promote services.


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SkyPrivate Support Now in Russian

skyprivate russian

We are happy to announce that starting today our support team will be able to offer assistance in Russian. In this regard we will invite all our current Russian speaking members and models to feel free and contact us directly in their native tongue.

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How the Pay-Per-Minute Plugin Works – Matching the Skype ID with your SkyPrivate Username

Hi there! Since you are here, you probably already heard about our Pay-Per-Minute plugin and why this is a must-have tool for every cam model. So, if you’re ready to give it a go, here are the steps you should follow.

Should you encounter any difficulties along the way, don’t forget that we’re only a message away. Ready? Let’s begin!


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SkyPrivate: How to rank higher as a model. Tips & tricks

As a cam model, you probably find yourself struggling to make your profile get as much exposure as possible. That’s why it’s really important that your profile ranks as higher as possible because that’s how you attract new customers (who, hopefully, will turn into regulars or even whales).

Think about it this way: let’s say you are in the market for some new sex toys. You’ll either go directly to your favorite shop or do your research on Google to see what’s new or trending right now. When you are googling, how often do you find yourself get past the first page of results? The same applies to your SkyPrivate profile: the lower it ranks, the harder will be for you to attract customers.

But there’s no need for you to get discouraged because we have some tips that will help you rank higher. Curious? Let’s begin!


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We’re kicking off our first Instagram Contest. $280 in prizes! (and here’s how you can enter)

SkyPrivate Instagram Contest Enter and Win up to $280


[UPDATE] And the winners are:

  1. @rafaellabrunni
  2. @sleepy_meme
  3. @_freudianslit_
  4. @emilyjadecolombia
  5. @roleplayg0ddess
  6. @litogcouple
  7. @eastsideblackwidow81



As you’ve probably noticed already, for the past few weeks we’ve been quite active on Instagram. We’ve really enjoyed connecting with you, and you guys seemed to also enjoy interacting with us, so we decided to spice things up a little and throw some prizes in there. And so, we would like to announce our very first Instagram Contest.


Here’s how you can enter

We want to keep things as easy as possible, so all you have to do is:


  1. Follow @SkyPrivate on Instagram
  2. Post a picture of yourself on your Instagram profile promoting your SkyPrivate live shows & tag us in it (make sure you keep it sexy but clean – we don’t want you to get banned)
  3. Leave a comment to our Instagram post announcing the contest where you tag 2 of your friends to let them know about our campaign


That’s it! Pretty easy, right?


How you can win $280 in prizes

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, we think cash $$$ is the next big thing so, for a whole week, we’re going to give away cash prizes. But here’s the exciting part: each day, the amount will increase. We’re going to start with $10 for the first day and go up to $70 for the big prize. The more active you are, the more chances you’ll have to win!


Contest rules

  1. Eligibility: all SkyPrivate models who have followed the Rules above are considered eligible to win
  2. Campaign Period: Entries will be accepted starting on Monday, October 8th, 2:00 PM (GMT+3 / Eastern European Summer Time) and ending Monday, October 15th, 2:00 PM (GMT+3 / Eastern European Summer Time). All online entries must be received by Monday, October 15th, 2:00 PM (GMT+3 / Eastern European Summer Time)
  3. Prizes:
    • Day 1: $10
    • Day 2: $20
    • Day 3: $30
    • Day 4: $40
    • Day 5: $50
    • Day 6: $60
    • Day 7: $70
  4. Odds: The odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received. If you post something every day and you tag two different friends each day of the contest, you’ll get more chances to win our prizes.
  5. Winner Selection and Notification: All the eligible participants will be uploaded in an Excel document based on their contest entry number and will be randomly selected via every day at 2:00 PM (GMT+3 / Eastern European Summer Time). The winner will be announced each day, immediately after the selection through an Instagram post and will also be contacted through Instagram Direct Message.


That would be all. Now… what are you waiting for? Go follow us on Instagram and let’s do this! Get our money!

How Pay-Per-Minute works and the advantages of this payment method

How Pay-Per-Minute works and the advantages of this payment method

At SkyPrivate, we are known for our Pay-Per-Minute technology that enables our users to enjoy Live Skype Shows and only pay for what they watch. If you don’t know what Pay-Per-Minute is and why you should use this payment method, here are the top reasons to start using it right now!

The advantages of using the Pay-Per-Minute payment method on SkyPrivate


1. Pay as you go

By using the Pay-Per-Minute method, you only pay for what you watch, unlike with the prepaid method, where once your money is gone, it’s gone for good! That’s why I would strongly advise you that, if you really want to use prepay as a payment method, only pay in advance models you have already interacted with in the past. You wouldn’t want to pay for a show you might never get, right?

Let’s say you are savoring a show, and you hear your wife/girlfriend entering the house. You’ve only enjoyed 2 or 3 minutes so far. Wouldn’t it be better if you only paid for those minutes, instead of the whole 30 minutes show that you didn’t get to enjoy?


2. Easy to end a call anytime you want

I’m sure you went at least once on a date with someone you met online, and that person turned up to look completely different. Tough luck! But did you go on with the date? I know I wouldn’t! The same goes for our platform: why should you pay for a show if the model looks completely different from the profile photos/videos? If you’re not enjoying the show, it’s your right to go and find another model!

The image or sound quality does not match your expectations? The model looks different than what you saw on the profile? Is the show not to your liking? You can leave whenever you want, and you don’t have to pay anything extra!


3. Privacy & security

Skype calls and chat are secured; no one will ever peep into your conversation with the model – it’s just you and the model! We never share your details with anyone (and I advise you not to share sensitive personal data or media with the models either), so you can rest assured that your secret is always safe with us!

Also, your bank statement will look something like this:

SkyPrivate statement


4. Top up once & pay many

You don’t need to add funds each time you want to make a call. SkyPrivate allows you to use your account as an e-wallet. You can add money once a month for example, and enjoy live shows whenever you want.

Best things in life are unplanned! Let’s say you planned a 20 minutes show for the weekend, but you are having so much fun that you don’t even realize when the time passes. Do you want to be suddenly interrupted right when things were getting interesting? Or do you want to keep watching? See? Yet another reason to choose Pay-Per-Minute!


5. Nothing to install

Noupe, there’s absolutely nothing you have to install if you want to enjoy Pay-Per-Minute Skype Shows. Everything has already been taken care of! All you have to do is pick your favorite model, sit back, relax, and enjoy your private show! Oh, and did I mention that you can watch shows on your phone or tablet as well? Well, you can!


6. No additional fees

There are no additional fees associated with the Pay-Per-Minute method – every inside transaction you make is free of charge!

Any transactions that you make using the payment methods provided by SkyPrivate have no additional fees attached.


How to enjoy Pay-Per-Minute Skype Shows

You can enjoy Pay-Per-Minute Skype Shows from any device that runs Skype as there’s nothing to install and the funds are automatically transferred from your account.


1. Register

SkyPrivate register

If you don’t have a SkyPrivate account already, you can sign up here:

Make sure that your account is set up correctly; otherwise, you will not be able to call models! The Skype ID you used to create your SkyPrivate account should be the same as the one you use to make the calls, or it will not work!

Please set up your account with an email address that you check at least once a week. I promise we won’t spam you, but it’s important that you are informed about any adjustments and improvements to our services. Also, we will use this email to get in contact with you in case you signal any issues with models you had calls with.


2. Load your account with funds

SkyPrivate topup account

After you have created your account, it’s time to add money. You can use multiple payment methods: Credit Card, Debit Card, Mastercard, VISA, AMEX, iDEAL, SOFORT, Paysafe Card, Bitcoin, Bancontact Mister Cash, Paxum, or Payza.

The minimum amount you can load your account with is $14. However, before making a call, you should also check the model’s pay rate and make sure you have funds for at least a 5-minute long call. For example, if the model has a Pay-Per-Minute rate of $3, your account should be loaded with at least $3 x 5 minutes = $15. With that being said, most of our members add about $25 – $30 to their account – the equivalent of a dinner for one at an average restaurant.

Keep in mind that models know whether you have funds or not, so you should not expect them to answer if you don’t have any!

Search for your desired model

If you don’t already have someone in mind, it’s time to start searching for a model. Head to the SkyPrivate models’ profiles page and find the one that is your type.

4. Chat a little

First, we encourage you to chat with the model on Skype to see whether she is available for a call. If she is, this would be the perfect time to share your kinky fantasies and find out what turns her on, so she can prepare for the show.

5. Time to make the call

Before you make a call, you should always check that you have enough funds in your account for the show you had planned and you are logged in with your dedicated Skype ID!

If the model answers, you will receive a message in the Skype chat confirming the Pay-Per-Minute rate that she’s charging you with.

If the model does not answer or she rejects the call, it could be because your account has not been verified, you don’t have enough funds, or she’s simply not available for the moment. You can schedule a show with her later. Look for the “Schedule a Show” button on her profile and plan your show!

6. Are you enjoying your call?

The most important thing I want you to remember when you are making a call on SkyPrivate is to enjoy your experience! With that being said, if the model or the show is not to your liking, you can leave anytime you want!

If your call gets interrupted, here are a few possible reasons:

The Internet connection went down (either for you or the model)
You ran out of funds (however, we are currently working on a feature that will notify you minutes before you run out of funds)
There are technical issues with your device, Skype or the plugin. If such issues come up often, I encourage you to get in touch with us at

7. After the call

Once the show is over, you will receive an email with the amount you have invested in your less than guilty pleasure (one more reason to use an email you check at least once a week for your SkyPrivate profile) and another one inviting you to rate the model you had a show with. Should you encounter any technical difficulties, we encourage you to share them with us at by issuing a new ticket.

All about cryptocurrencies for cam models: How to set-up payments in crypto

skyprivate crypto bitcoin withdrawal funds payout

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin. Do they sound like buzzwords to you too?

But who says this language is for nerds only? 😎 Ladies and gents, it’s about time someone explains why cryptocurrencies are something you can’t miss if you want to boost your revenues, get more clients and why not, adopt the latest payment trends.


bitcoin everywhere cryptocurrency crypto


But first… let me tell you a word or two about what blockchain, Bitcoins, and cryptocurrencies mean

A blockchain is… hmm… Think about it like a new Internet.

It’s a network where all the transactions (regardless of their type: financial transactions, messages, links, etc.) are recorded chronologically, with no possibility of removal. As it is a digital medium, the members of this network pay in virtual coins called cryptocurrencies. Every time someone makes a payment using cryptocurrencies, that transaction is stored forever.

It’s much more secure, fast, reliable, fee-free than any other online payment.

Today, there are many cryptocurrencies out there, the most popular being Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. A lot of people use them, especially Bitcoin, which seems to take on cash, as more places accept payments in crypto. The same goes for the camming industry as more and more studios accept cryptocurrencies because many of the clients/models ask for this functionality.


cryptocurrencies are like having a swiss bank account in your pocket

How Bitcoin can help you earn more money as a cam model

Now that we’ve got all the technical terms out of the way let’s get to the fun part: making more money! Below, I have summed up five reasons why Bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies in general) can significantly boost your revenue and get you more clients with minimum effort.

1. You will actually save money, can you believe it?

Well, believe or not, over the years, in the US alone, people have paid over $78 billion in fees for transaction processing. That’s insane! Bitcoin, in exchange, does not require a bank or any other financial institution to verify every transaction. That means it’s fee-free! No more sharing your hard-earned money with banks, so more money for you.

2. You can acquire new customers

Cryptocurrencies are really popular these days, and many of those early adopters are your clients too. By accepting cryptocurrency payments, you can attract more customers to your profile and increase your revenue. By the way, crypto-tips are the new fanciness! They grow over time if you know what I mean! 😍

3. You avoid fraud and chargebacks

No, I’m not getting into technical details here (I don’t wanna bore you) but when it comes to frauds, cryptocurrencies are hard to be played. That’s because of the technology behind it, which doesn’t allow people to steal money from other people’s wallets without being noticed by everyone in the network.

What’s even more interesting (especially for us who care so, so much about privacy) is that Bitcoin also offers a unique and easy way to make a payment without needing to disclose your personal information. That means if the President of (*insert here whatever country you fancy more*) sends you some money, nobody else knows that, except the two of you. Of course, you can make this public if you want, but that’s up to you.

4. You don’t have to exchange your money

Yes, darling. Whoever told you – you’ll have a hard time exchanging your cryptocurrencies – didn’t make his homework. Bad boy, or girl. How come? Let me explain this to you.

If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you know that you need to exchange your money for the local currency to be able to make purchases. Since cryptocurrencies do not belong to any country or financial institution, they can be used internationally. This means they help you avoid the expensive foreign transaction fees or exchange rates, so you end up with more money to use for shopping! Pretty cool, ain’t that right?

5. Think of Bitcoin as an investment

Slowly but surely, cash is becoming a thing of the past, as almost everyone is using credit or debit cards. You can expect the same to happen to cards as cryptocurrencies become more and more popular. Besides, the value of your cryptocurrencies can grow over time if you choose to keep them, instead of spending them right away. Suddenly you’re an investor as well!


got paid in bitcoin this month

How to accept Bitcoin payments on SkyPrivate

Since you’ve reached so far with this article, I think it’s about time to get a look on how you can actually accept payments in crypto.

You probably think that this will be a complicated process that requires quite a bit of technical knowledge! No!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can set up your account to start receiving payments in Bitcoin on SkyPrivate (but the logic is the same for all the websites out there). And if you need help, remember: we’re always just a message away!

1. Create a digital wallet and verify your account

A digital wallet is like a bank account – it’s a software or an app used to store cryptocurrencies, in this case, your Bitcoin. A few options to choose from are Coinbase, Uphold, and Wirex.

The decision of choosing a platform over another is influenced by the country you live in. Some platforms operate in certain countries. Coinbase is available in: USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.

This time, I will show you how to set up your account using Coinbase. For Uphold and Wirex, you can find an in-depth tutorial on our support portal:

To create and verify your Coinbase account, you’ll have to submit the required documents on their website: After that, you will get your own Bitcoin Wallet where you can receive your SkyPrivate funds. More details about setting up your Coinbase account in the following video.

2. Find the Bitcoin address associated with your account

After you signed-up, log into your Coinbase account and click on “Accounts“. Then, on the “BTC Wallet” tab, click on “Receive“.

coinbase accounts btc wallet receive find bitcoin address for your account

3. Use your Bitcoin address to make a SkyPrivate withdrawal

After you’ve found your Bitcoin address, you need to log into your SkyPrivate account and go to Payments → Withdraw.

Paste your Bitcoin address in the required field, choose the amount (in dollars) you wish to withdraw and submit a new withdrawal request.

skyprivate accounts withdraw request bitcoin address

4. Exchange the Bitcoin you received from SkyPrivate to a preferred currency ($, €, £, etc.)

Log into your Coinbase account and go to “Buy/Sell“.

coinbase buy sell exchange bitcoin to usd eur

5. Transfer the exchanged amount to your bank account or credit card

You can transfer the money from your Coinbase account to your bank account or credit card (depending on the platform you use and the country you live in).

Transfer fees for your Coinbase account →

That’s it! You are ready to receive your first Bitcoin payments. If you need help with setting up your account, you can always message us here:


I know that this crypto-stuff might look intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to do this in your sleep!

Think about the first time when you used your online card: it seemed counter-intuitive and difficult, but in time you got the skills. It will be the same for crypto as well. You’re gonna master crypto payments in no time!


skyprivate bitcoing withdrawal create free account


SkyPrivate payouts will arrive in 7 days

London, UKSkyPrivate, the largest Skype-based cam site offering models and studios the opportunity to host live and scheduled pay-per-minute Skype shows announces their summer campaign. During July and August, all withdrawals made through Paxum, ePayments, and ePayService will reach users e-wallets in just 7 days. This development was designed as a reward for SkyPrivate models and their dedication on the platform.


SkyPrivate promises to all models and studios across the world to process withdrawals made through Paxum, ePayments, and ePayService in less than 7 days. While their signature buffer is 14 days, SkyPrivate is trying to get models’ holiday money quicker so they can enjoy the sun and the sea without any delays.


SkyPrivate’s payout options portfolio is flexible and includes Paxum, ePayments, ePayService but also direct bank account transfer through ACH (for US-based citizens), SEPA (dedicated to EU citizens) and Bitcoin.


In fact, the company recently announced that they will honor Bitcoin withdrawals in less than 24h. This offer came as a response to the lack of fast and reliable payout options for the American continent.


If you still don’t know what Bitcoin is and how it works, there’s a comprehensive guide SkyPrivate prepared to get you started.


“Since FirstChoicePay left the financial adult scene, there’s an ongoing pursuit to find safe and stable payout channels for our models. We’re doing our best to improve the experience of the models that trusted us with their valuable time, and this is our summer gift to them.

We have always had a customer-centric approach and we’re investing a lot of effort in the technological development of our platform so we can help models from all around the world to practice their job as seamlessly as possible. We think the efforts we’ve put into this campaign will pay off as we’re very close to our models and always listen to their feedback. “

– Alex, SkyPrivate CEO.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email their friendly customer experience team at


About SkyPrivate the largest Skype-based cam site offering models and studios the opportunity to host live and scheduled pay-per-minute Skype shows, with guaranteed payouts up to 86% and no freeloaders to worry about.

The SkyPrivate ecosystem welcomes you on and as well, covering key aspects of the adult camming business.

Skype is switching gears, we got your back [Skype update from v.7 to v.8]

Do not upgrade yet to Skype 8

Recent update – 08.30.2018

Since Microsoft came out last month and said that they will be ending support for Skype 7 very soon. After this announcement, most of the users noticed that the newer version of Skype (8), is not up to par and it lacks some basic functionality that was already available in the previous version.

Because of that users have pushed back and created petitions for keeping the Skype 7 version as is. That’s why Microsoft has officially stated that they will keep Skype 7 for “some time”.

We want to reassure you that our plugin update is days away from it’s public release. The new update support both Skype 7 and Skype 8. So, you will be fully covered regardless of the Skype version you prefer.

So keep an eye out on your email inbox and on Social Media for future updates!


You may have noticed Skype’s blog post from yesterday about Skype 8 fully replacing Skype 7 (Classic) starting September 1st and inviting you to upgrade soon.

By the time Skype 7 (Classic) rolls out you’ll be using a new version of our plugin, fully compatible with Skype 8.

You are safe using our plugin if you do not update yet: if you’re a SkyPrivate model, then you’re still using Skype 7 (Classic) because that’s the latest version that our plugin is compatible with.

However, we noticed Skype’s changing nature since last year and our Research & Development Department had this on the radar for the past 6 months: making the plugin fully compatible with Skype 8.


Do not update

For now, all you have to do is resist the urge to update to Skype 8 :smiley: so, again DO NOT UPDATE YET to Skype 8, wait for our signal.

As you read this, we’re ironing out any issues that may arise with Skype 8 and soon we’ll be testing the new version.

In the meantime, keep close and enjoy our 7 Days Summer Campaign!

For any questions, we invite you to join our Discord Support Server.


Already upgraded?

We prepared a short tutorial on how to get back to Skype 7.




Discord: one step closer to you

SkyPrivate launched the Discord support channel


We know how much you enjoy using Discord and we are totally on the same side with you – Discord is awesome!
As of this month, we invite you on our Discord channel to chat and maybe do business together. This is another chance to build amazing relationships.


Why Discord?

Actually, the idea of a dedicated SkyPrivate Discord server came from you, our users.
Discord is easy to use, we know you are familiar with the application and you can get in touch with the support team no matter what dilemma/problem/suggestion/business opportunity you may have.


How do we connect on Discord?

It’s simple, you have just 2 steps to follow:
1. Get on the link and create an account if you don’t have already one;
2. Once you will be on the SkyPrivate Discord server, you will receive a message with the necessary details about the server’s rules of engagement and where you can go to look for support: billing, account verification or even suggestions and discussions about possible collaborations.


What happens to other communication channels?

We will continue to respond to your emails and Skype chat requests. We’re only taking a step closer to you through Discord.
Go on, tell us what you think about this, below!

7 Days Campaign

For 2 months, starting July 2nd, all withdrawals made through Paxum, ePayments, and ePayService will arrive in your accounts in just 7 days.

For the best conversion rate, we recommend you to have a card in Euro currency.

Should this campaign be a success, our intent is to make it permanent.

So, please share this campaign with fellow models and join in our excitement!

How cool is this? We are looking forward to processing withdraws in 7 days.

This is the summer of surprises in SkyPrivate!

*For certain users, the payout could have a short delay if we have to perform security verifications.


Withdraw payouts via ePayService

Chain of good news in SkyPrivate! It is time to reveal another summer surprise for you.

Following our commitment to finding new payout methods, ePayService is in the house!  We’re all set so you can enjoy your first ePayService withdrawal in the upcoming days.

If you’re not familiar with ePayService or you still have questions, no worries, here are some details for you:

This is how ePayService it works:

You don’t have an ePayService account? You can open one here:

How to withdraw via ePayService: Easy! Just access your SkyPrivate account, choose ePayService and make sure you have a minimum of $40.

*Please note that for the moment only EUR payments are available. So, by the time you make the withdrawal, we provide you with full details about the conversion (USD to EUR).

Let’s make way for the first withdrawals!