NEW Rating Policy: Updates You Need to Know About

NEW Rating Policy

We’ve made some key improvements to our Rating Policy recently that we’d like you to know about.

Here’s what’s new:

1. You Can Ask to Have an Unfair Rating Removed With Evidence

Has a member rated you unfairly and left a bad review for you after the show?

Dispute an unfair rating by sending a rating removal request along with the supporting evidence you have that proves that:

  • The member harassed/blackmailed you in exchange for a better rating (e.g. the member asked you to put on an extra show for him under these circumstances)
  • The member insisted that you offer a type of show that you did not agree upon before the call and/or you DO NOT offer in general (i.e. it’s not mentioned on your public profile)

Make sure your request fits one of these 2 cases, you send it within 48 hours, and that you back it up with solid evidence (e.g. screenshots of the Skype conversation).

2. You Can Reply to a Rating Publicly, Right on Your Model Profile

And validate/invalidate it.

Your word matters more than you think, that’s why now you can respond to the reviews and ratings you receive right there, on your public profile.

This way, you get to share your own perspective on the session, too. Your own experience with that member. And both views will be visible on your Model profile.

That sums up the key improvements that we’ve made, with your help, to our rating removal system.

Go ahead, take a look, and let us know your thoughts on the updated policy.

                                          Read the NEW Rating Policy

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