GOOD NEWS: Now You Can Use PayPal to Buy Credits on SkyPrivate (US Only)

Here’s some (really) great news: now you can use your PayPal balance to buy credits on SkyPrivate.

“But wait a minute… Paypal doesn’t allow adult websites to use their service, does it?”

You’re 100% right.

That’s why the flow won’t be the usual one — PayPal SkyPrivate — to top up your SkyPrivate Member account. But PayPal → Bitcoin/ETH → SkyPrivate instead.

And the whole process won’t take you more than 5 minutes. From the moment you click “Add funds”, in your SkyPrivate Member dashboard, to the “Review and Send” pop-up window in your PayPal account.

Just click on the short tutorial video above ☝️ or follow it  HERE.


NEW Rating Policy: Updates You Need to Know About

NEW Rating Policy

We’ve made some key improvements to our Rating Policy recently that we’d like you to know about.

Here’s what’s new:

1. You Can Ask to Have an Unfair Rating Removed With Evidence

Has a member rated you unfairly and left a bad review for you after the show?

Dispute an unfair rating by sending a rating removal request along with the supporting evidence you have that proves that:

  • The member harassed/blackmailed you in exchange for a better rating (e.g. the member asked you to put on an extra show for him under these circumstances)
  • The member insisted that you offer a type of show that you did not agree upon before the call and/or you DO NOT offer in general (i.e. it’s not mentioned on your public profile)

Make sure your request fits one of these 2 cases, you send it within 48 hours, and that you back it up with solid evidence (e.g. screenshots of the Skype conversation).

2. You Can Reply to a Rating Publicly, Right on Your Model Profile

And validate/invalidate it.

Your word matters more than you think, that’s why now you can respond to the reviews and ratings you receive right there, on your public profile.

This way, you get to share your own perspective on the session, too. Your own experience with that member. And both views will be visible on your Model profile.

That sums up the key improvements that we’ve made, with your help, to our rating removal system.

Go ahead, take a look, and let us know your thoughts on the updated policy.

                                          Read the NEW Rating Policy

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Why You’ll Want to Get Yourself on the “Promoted Models” List: 6 Main Reasons

Just imagine: the first thing that members see when they land on the Profiles page is your avatar!

You’re right there, at the very top of the page, all eyes on you…

No need to imagine it, actually: you can just use the new feature in your model account — Promoted positions — and get yourself at the top of the Profiles page.

Both on SkyPrivate and on our affiliates’ websites.

It’s super simple: just follow the 5 easy steps explained here to activate your bidding and you’re good to go.

Still a bit skeptical?

Then here are the 6 main reasons why you don’t want to be left out of the Promoted Models list:

1. You Get All the Eyeballs on Your Profile

And the more exposure you have, the more chances you get to turn visitors into your paying customers.

But I’m just stating the obvious here, right?

It’s pretty much like being at the top of Google’s first results page.

2. You Can Be a Promoted Model Even If You’re Just Starting Out on SkyPrivate

Yep, it’s that easy.

No need to meet 101 requirements, to be a registered SkyPrivate model for “X” months, to have “X” profile views per day, or “Y” Skype calls per hour.

You just bid for one of the promoted spots at the top of the Profiles page and… that’s it!

The higher your bid amount, the higher your chances to be one of the few Promoted Models.

It’s the one and only requirement you’ll need to ever worry about.

3. You Get to Pay Less than What You Bid

Let’s say you’re on THE list: you’re one of those Promoted Models on top of the Profiles page.

Did you bid… $40 and the next Model in line bid only $25? Then it’s only $25 that you pay (not your actual bid amount).

So, you pay what the next model in the hierarchy has bid.

In other words, you pay less than what you bid.

Note! If both you and the next model in line bid… $40, let’s say, you pay $40.

In short, you pay the amount that the next model in line bids, whether it’s smaller or the same as yours.

To sum up: you always stand high chances to pay less than what you bid.

Unlike with the bidding on other cam sites, where you have zero chance to pay anything less than your actual bid amount.

4. You Can Update Your Bid at Any Time and Secure Your Top Spot

Don’t worry if your bidding position gets worse: you can update your bid any time during the 24-hour bidding process.

So, there’s no risk, no lucky guessing, no… bidding “blindfolded”.

You can keep an eye on your bidding position and bump it up any time until the daily bidding ends.

The only thing you need to do to secure your spot among the Promoted Models at the top of the page is to monitor the changes on the leaderboard.

5. You Make Your Profile Stand Out from the Crowd

Your profile will be one of the very few ones wearing a “Promoted” red ribbon. One that will set it apart from the rest of the profiles and grab members’ attention.

So, do you want your profile to stand out or to… get lost in the huge crowd of sexy avatars on SkyPrivate?

6. You’ll Be One of the Promoted Models on SkyPrivate (Usually no More Than 10)

Just think about it: there are 30.000+ models on SkyPrivate and usually no more than 10 “Promoted Models” on the Profiles page.

Members would see your profile pictures before the other… 29.999+ models’ own profile pictures.

Do you see the type of exposure you’d be missing out on?

It’s The Easiest Way to Get Your Profile into the Spotlight And Keep It There

All you have to do is just bid for one of the top spots on the page to get your model profile at the top of the page.

And to be consistent and persevering with your bidding to secure your spot there.

That’s it.

It’s the surest and quickest way to make sure that members will see your profile picture before those of all the other… 29.999+ models on SkyPrivate.

It’s up to you now: you either push your profile right at the top and keep it there.

Or you just… leave it lingering where it’s now.

If you do not want to wait in line anymore, just follow the quick steps here and claim your top spot on the page!

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Cam girls are now able to do Discord pay-per-minute private shows

Discord is a Skype alternative.

We at Skyprivate have the vision that the cam models own the customer and they want to do sexy shows in very personal video chat platforms like Skype, Discord, mobile phones and maybe other platforms that will get popular.

For this reason we upgraded our technology to be compatible not only with Skype but with Discord too.

To do cams shows on Discord using Skyprivate you only need to have a Discord.com account and add it to your Skyprivate profile. We will soon officially launch this feature and to get early access to it we invite you to get on the list here:






FAQ SkyPrivate’s Spring Contest 2019

Now that we have lauched our Spring Contest 2019, we want to make everything clear about it ( see the contest here: www.skyprivate.com/contests/spring-contest) and answer all your questions.

So let’s get started!


$ What are the requirements to join this contest?

In order to participate, you will need to:

  • 1. have a verified model/studio account;
  • 2. have at least 100 minutes spent in calls through our Pay-per-Minute plugin since you registered on SkyPrivate;
  • 3. have no reports marked as true from a member during the campaign’s period;
  • 4. Share this contest ( you need to do at least 1 of the following):
    a) Retweet this https://twitter.com/SkyPrivate/status/1112668013512347648
    b) or Repost this https://www.instagram.com/p/Bvte_1KAvAI/
    c) or Post this on your personal Discord “Help me win $1000. I promise you looong and hard sexy #skype cam-shows. get my ID from #skyprivate: https://twitter.com/SkyPrivate/status/1112668013512347648″ (And invite Discord user @Lara.Skyprivate#9269  to your server
    d) or send an email to lara@skyprivate.com with the subject “I am in for ‘most minutes spent in calls’ contest”. Be sure to include your Skype ID or email used in SkyPrivate.


$ Can I join the contest if I just created the account?

Yes, all models who meet the requirements can participate regardless of the date they created the account. So it doesn’t matter if you have a 10 years experience in this industry or if you just started.


$ How will I receive the prize?

You will receive the prize in your SkyPrivate account depending on your payout rate. For exemple, if you have a 75% withdraw percent and you won the big prize, we will transfer into your account 1334$ in order for you to withdraw exactly 1000$.


$ How do I know if I won or that I am close to the first place?

The winners will be announced on skyprivate.com in max 48 hours after the contest ends and they will be contacted by e-mail in the next 5 days to claim their prizes. On each Friday, we will announce the provisional ranking, without releasing other information, so you can see if you are close to the first places.


$ Do I have to complete a form to join the contest?

No, all models that meet the requirements will enter the contest automatically.


$ How can I find out the number of minutes I spent in the plugin?

You can find this information in your account, in History-Calls. There you will see all the details about the calls you had.


We will update this page as often as it is needed, so make sure you check it regularly 🙂

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SkyPrivate 2018 Timeline – A year of fun and accomplishments

We all know January is the month for new beginnings, start-ups, resolutions and making them happen. But before embracing 2019, let’s give some credits to 2018. We tend to say that “this year I will do much better”, however, every year contributes to our growth and we wouldn’t have become what we are today without 2018. SkyPrivate sure made the best out of it. And we have these dates to remind us that with each year we are becoming better, bigger and stronger.

Is been a year full of events and fun which are time framed in the graph below. We attended over 20 events dedicated to our industry where we bound with our partners and made new friends and connections. But with all the fun we also succeed big milestones for our company:

January – WhaleHunter.cash Launch – We started the year with a big step, launching our affiliate program WhaleHunter.cash which will bring a huge growth for our SkyPrivate traffic. In less than 3 months we managed to have a base of 250+ affiliates with a single purpose, to bring quality traffic to our website.


May – Quality Department launch – Because satisfaction is our top priority. While our community was growing in a month like others in a year, we realized we need to put quality over quantity so we decided to have a dedicated department to make sure all our accounts respect the rules and provide the best services.

August – Support team reaches 10+ members – And we couldn’t be prouder! Because we know how important it is to provide good support in a fast manner, we dedicated our attention to bring support experience to the next level. Thanks to this big step now we provide 24/7 customer support in English, Spanish and Russian via live chat, e-mail, Skype,Twitter, and Discord.  


November –  OurLittleSecret.co launch – Our family got bigger not just with our team but also by launching a new product dedicated to cam models. OurLittleSecret.co is the first WhatsApp Sexting platform where you get paid for each text received and also for any photo/video received or sent at your discretion. And the best part, your number stays confidential.

December – New Features – Receive tips and sell videos – And we kept the best for the end. We ended 2018 with new amazing features to make your work generate more money! Now models can receive tips during any SkyPrivate session to spice up the show and when they are offline, they can make extra money with our new feature – Sell your videos!



And last, but the most important one, we had you join our big community and we thank you for that.


Now let’s make 2019 be even more awesome!!!

We’re going LIVE!

skyprivate live 24 7 live chat intercom

Social media may seem to be a sponge for time but in the end it aims to connect us.

On this note, we’re making bold steps towards building a relationship with you, our valued customer. Beyond answering tickets, we’re at your disposal, round-the-clock, with English, Spanish, Russian and Romanian native speaking support agents.

Getting closer to you and your needs, is one of our priorities.  We’re committed to providing you with the best customer experience in the camsite industry, therefore, ladies and gentlemen:

Since December,1st our Customer Experience team welcomes you on the Live Chat!

Look for the blue dot in the bottom right corner!

skyprivate live chat blue dot

You can find it on the main website, in the profiles and account sections, ready to help.

Make sure you’re logged in so we know who needs us and render a hand quicker than ever before.

Going LIVE also means we have your back 24 / 7 and you’ll be able to peek at the estimated reaction time and know how soon we’ll be able to reply.

skyprivate live chat intercom


The FAQ section

You can find a fresh look for our F.A.Q. section located at http://support.skyprivate.com/ and we managed to make the content accessible for you in English, Spanish, Russian and Romanian.

While catering for your needs via Live Chat will be our priority, you can still reach us comfortably through the other channels: Skype and Discord.


The support page

Peek at our new dedicated support page and feel free to share any feedback that you see fit, we welcome it with a full heart.

If you need help, got a question or just wanna say hi, simply drop by https://skyprivate.com/support.

Just spark a conversation and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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SkyPrivate Support Now in Russian

skyprivate russian

We are happy to announce that starting today our support team will be able to offer assistance in Russian. In this regard we will invite all our current Russian speaking members and models to feel free and contact us directly in their native tongue.

Read more

Skype is switching gears, we got your back [Skype update from v.7 to v.8]

Do not upgrade yet to Skype 8

Recent update – 08.30.2018

Since Microsoft came out last month and said that they will be ending support for Skype 7 very soon. After this announcement, most of the users noticed that the newer version of Skype (8), is not up to par and it lacks some basic functionality that was already available in the previous version.

Because of that users have pushed back and created petitions for keeping the Skype 7 version as is. That’s why Microsoft has officially stated that they will keep Skype 7 for “some time”.

We want to reassure you that our plugin update is days away from it’s public release. The new update support both Skype 7 and Skype 8. So, you will be fully covered regardless of the Skype version you prefer.

So keep an eye out on your email inbox and on Social Media for future updates!


You may have noticed Skype’s blog post from yesterday about Skype 8 fully replacing Skype 7 (Classic) starting September 1st and inviting you to upgrade soon.

By the time Skype 7 (Classic) rolls out you’ll be using a new version of our plugin, fully compatible with Skype 8.

You are safe using our plugin if you do not update yet: if you’re a SkyPrivate model, then you’re still using Skype 7 (Classic) because that’s the latest version that our plugin is compatible with.

However, we noticed Skype’s changing nature since last year and our Research & Development Department had this on the radar for the past 6 months: making the plugin fully compatible with Skype 8.


Do not update

For now, all you have to do is resist the urge to update to Skype 8 :smiley: so, again DO NOT UPDATE YET to Skype 8, wait for our signal.

As you read this, we’re ironing out any issues that may arise with Skype 8 and soon we’ll be testing the new version.

In the meantime, keep close and enjoy our 7 Days Summer Campaign!

For any questions, we invite you to join our Discord Support Server.


Already upgraded?

We prepared a short tutorial on how to get back to Skype 7.




Discord: one step closer to you

SkyPrivate launched the Discord support channel


We know how much you enjoy using Discord and we are totally on the same side with you – Discord is awesome!
As of this month, we invite you on our Discord channel to chat and maybe do business together. This is another chance to build amazing relationships.


Why Discord?

Actually, the idea of a dedicated SkyPrivate Discord server came from you, our users.
Discord is easy to use, we know you are familiar with the application and you can get in touch with the support team no matter what dilemma/problem/suggestion/business opportunity you may have.


How do we connect on Discord?

It’s simple, you have just 2 steps to follow:
1. Get on the link https://discord.gg/7vcHQAG and create an account if you don’t have already one;
2. Once you will be on the SkyPrivate Discord server, you will receive a message with the necessary details about the server’s rules of engagement and where you can go to look for support: billing, account verification or even suggestions and discussions about possible collaborations.


What happens to other communication channels?

We will continue to respond to your emails and Skype chat requests. We’re only taking a step closer to you through Discord.
Go on, tell us what you think about this, below!

7 Days Campaign

For 2 months, starting July 2nd, all withdrawals made through Paxum, ePayments, and ePayService will arrive in your accounts in just 7 days.

For the best conversion rate, we recommend you to have a card in Euro currency.

Should this campaign be a success, our intent is to make it permanent.

So, please share this campaign with fellow models and join in our excitement!

How cool is this? We are looking forward to processing withdraws in 7 days.

This is the summer of surprises in SkyPrivate!

*For certain users, the payout could have a short delay if we have to perform security verifications.


Withdraw payouts via ePayService

Chain of good news in SkyPrivate! It is time to reveal another summer surprise for you.

Following our commitment to finding new payout methods, ePayService is in the house!  We’re all set so you can enjoy your first ePayService withdrawal in the upcoming days.

If you’re not familiar with ePayService or you still have questions, no worries, here are some details for you:

This is how ePayService it works: https://faq.epayservices.com/knowledge-base/how-to-join-epayservice/.

You don’t have an ePayService account? You can open one here: https://online.epayservices.com/register.

How to withdraw via ePayService: Easy! Just access your SkyPrivate account, choose ePayService and make sure you have a minimum of $40.

*Please note that for the moment only EUR payments are available. So, by the time you make the withdrawal, we provide you with full details about the conversion (USD to EUR).

Let’s make way for the first withdrawals!


Bitcoin withdraw requests will be processed within a day

It’s summer so the best moment for some good news and vibes!

After months of hard work, we are happy to announce that as of today, Bitcoin payouts will processed within a day.

The Bitcoin payment processing is now ready to honor Bitcoin withdraw requests in maximum 24 hours.

We kept saying to all of you, models and studios, that constantly we are working to improve our payouts and help you have the money in your account as soon as possible. Well, this is the first step. Stay tuned for other future great news as this.

How do you get into our Bitcoin campaign?

You just make a Bitcoin withdraw request of minimum $50 and the payout will be processed the same day. Just this simple! We are taking care of the rest!

Do you not know much about Bitcoin and you are not you sure if it’s a good investment?

We thought about it and built a mini guide to familiarize yourself with the subject.

You can learn more from this mini guide about what a Bitcoin e-wallet means, on which platforms you can make an e-wallet and what are the steps to make an e-wallet and a withdrawal request. We hope our mini-guide will be helpful for you and if you still have questions, your support colleagues can guide you to make your first Bitcoin payout.

How happy are you now with this great news? Too good to be true?

Just try it, make a new Bitcoin withdraw and we will approve it Today!


SkyPrivate & VR | A partnership for Live Cams industry

When you are the new kid on the block you have a responsibility to be agile and open to opportunities as they present themselves. Innovation is in our nature, and when Terpon arrived in the adult industry with state of the art VR technology for cameras, it immediately became clear to me that we share a passion for improving the user experience in ways that will bring models and their fans closer together.


HTTPS fully activated on SkyPrivate


Your connection with SkyPrivate is now even safer because all you account and payment information transfers are being protected by another layer of security which is done through data encryption.

2017 is the year of growth