Safety and Privacy First: How SkyPrivate keeps all of your data secure while you enjoy private shows

Using a video chat service can be risky, especially if the platform you are using doesn’t have data encryption. However, when it comes to safety and privacy, just like the name shows, SkyPrivate takes matters very seriously. This means you don’t have to worry about your personal data being leaked and you can just enjoy the show.

In this article, we are going to show you:

  • how SkyPrivate manages to keep your personal data safe
  • why Skype is the best platform for video chat
  • how easy-to-use our Pay Per Minute plugin is
  • and how to remain anonymous when you enjoy private shows.

SkyPrivate’s first rule: Everything is about private shows!

One important thing that makes SkyPrivate a safe choice for video chat is the fact that the service is built on top of Skype. Skype is one of the best apps when it comes to keeping your data private because it uses data encryption to make sure that every conversation remains between you and the model.

Since we want to offer you the best experience, we ensure that all of your personal data remains private. Some users asked what happens to the information they sent to us for verification. Well, you should know that all of that information is kept only between SkyPrivate and each user. No other third-party has access to any of your personal data.

We also make sure that your bank statements don’t show any details that might lead to our website and we don’t release any information regarding your bank account to other third-party websites either.

No one can trace your Skype account activity back to us. Your call history on Skype is only known by you. This is why your personal data and call history remains private.


How you remain anonymous on SkyPrivate

Enjoying a private show from time to time doesn’t mean you need to have your identity revealed. Even if you interact with the same model, it doesn’t mean that she, or anyone else, will find out who you are.

SkyPrivate offers you the possibility to create a new identity for yourself. Maybe you want to try something new. Skype is not going to show the model any of your private conversations with other people and, to be extra-safe, we also encourage you to sign up for a different Skype account to use only on SkyPrivate. This way, you are more than sure that your real identity stays private.

It is up to you if you want to reveal any information to a model or if you want to keep it all to yourself. You can even create a connection with a model (if you feel that there is a bond between you two) and still remain anonymous.

We advise you to keep sensitive data and information for yourself. Also, don’t send any of your photos to the models. This might make it easier for your identity to be found out. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


Pay Per Minute Technology

Our Pay Per Minute technology keeps you safe. While it might seem like you will pay extra, it actually helps you spend less. Just imagine a scenario where you are enjoying a show on a video call, and your internet simply stops working. This means the private show will stop. While most video call platforms will charge you for 10 to 60 minutes at a time, we selected a better type of payment.

You can stop the call any time and you will pay only for what you watched. If you only enjoyed half of the show or 5 minutes of it, you are going to pay just for that.

This payment method doesn’t require you to install any other app which means more security and privacy for your payments. Also, you can add money to your account whenever you want and enjoy private shows as you go.


Other benefits for SkyPrivate users

The list of benefits for SkyPrivate users doesn’t just stop at security, privacy, and easy payment. Our platform is easy to use because you register with your Skype ID directly. If you use Skype, you won’t have a problem using SkyPrivate.

If you have some Bitcoins lying around (lucky you), it’s important to know that you can also use them to top up your account and pay for shows. Apart from Bitcoins, you can also use multiple payment methods to fill your account. Select which one suits you best (Credit Card, MasterCard, Paysafe Card, Paxum, etc.) and then put as much cash as you want in your account.

Becoming a user is free of charge, and the only things you’ll have to pay for are the shows you watch. Also, you can stop using the service at any desired time and come back after a few days: your account will be intact, and your money will be in your account.

Apart from the Skype app, you don’t have to install any other programs. Keeping it clean and simple makes it easier for you to enjoy your time on SkyPrivate.



SkyPrivate is an excellent platform for those who want to enjoy a show from a model without fearing for his privacy while using our platform. Our Pay Per Minute technology also ensures that you won’t pay more than you should.

By offering security and privacy to our clients, we make sure that they only need to watch and enjoy the models instead of being worried about safety problems.

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