GOOD NEWS: Now You Can Use PayPal to Buy Credits on SkyPrivate (US Only)

Here’s some (really) great news: now you can use your PayPal balance to buy credits on SkyPrivate.

“But wait a minute… Paypal doesn’t allow adult websites to use their service, does it?”

You’re 100% right.

That’s why the flow won’t be the usual one — PayPal SkyPrivate — to top up your SkyPrivate Member account. But PayPal → Bitcoin/ETH → SkyPrivate instead.

And the whole process won’t take you more than 5 minutes. From the moment you click “Add funds”, in your SkyPrivate Member dashboard, to the “Review and Send” pop-up window in your PayPal account.

Just click on the short tutorial video above ☝️ or follow it  HERE.

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