5 Tips to Win the New Skyprivate Constest




It’s day two of the contest where the big winner will receive $1000 in their SkyPrivate account.

You will earn extra money while earning money!!!!


Here are the tips on how to get the 1K cash prize:


  1.   Clear your schedule.

You need to make sure you set off enough time in your schedule to make room for your members. How many hours can you set off each day, and can you maybe split it up in multiple sessions to cover different time-zones? Cancel a couple of appointments if you can and get ready to have a lot of fun with your members.


  1. Message your regulars.

A good place to start is always with your regular members, let them know about this fun, let them know that you really want to win it. Just an extra 5-10 minutes from them could be what you need to cross the finish line as number 1.

Contact them on Skype, you are already in contact with them there, DM them on Twitter or maybe you have your own discord server? Promote your Skype shows schedule there

We know from experience that members love to help their favourite models to win things, so don’t feel that you are pressuring them, play with open cards and they will understand.


  1.   Pimp up your profile.

Be sure to update everything, from your profile photo to your gallery. Record a little 6-second video if you have not done this yet and update it regularly.We use this video as a background for your profile and also as a preview video on the front page when we promote you.

Also, be sure to look over your BIO. This is a great place to add information about yourself, what you’re offering, and what niches or roleplays you look forward to.

A bonus profile tip is to add your schedule, let people know what days and time period you’re available on SkyPrivate. This helps members to pick you over other accounts, because they know what time fits for both of you.

On your SkyPrivate profile, create a banner/text saying that you are oferring something  extra (maybe 60 seconds free at the end of each paid call?) or check this smart pricing strategy .


  1.   Promote yourself.

Now, it’s time to promote yourself outside of your regulars. Hopefully, you got a couple of social media profiles set up for yourself. We recommend everyone to have their own Twitter and Instagram account.

Your Twitter account can be connected with your SkyPrivate profile and you can activate the Auto-Tweet function. This will automatically send out a tweet when you go online with your SkyPrivate Plugin.

For Instagram, you should use Instagram story to let people know what’s going on.


1.Create a tweet that explains your offer set up in step 3 above and that links to your SkyPrivate profile page.

  1. Promote this tweet URL inside your IG story and IG profile link. This way you are not getting banned on IG for linking to adult content because you are linking to twitter.com

Give new members a reason to come to your profile. Don’t just say that you are online, say that you have updated your profile or invite them to come see your new pictures and videos. This will make people stop by and it’s a bigger chance for them to jump on a session with you when they see you’re online at the same time.


  1.   Keep the conversation… longer.

One way is to ask better questions, instead of jumping from one surface topic to another (like “Where are you from?” and “What do you do?”), go deeper with your questions, ask them deep questions about their profession, ask them about their interests and desires.

So, if your member says he works as a plumber, your deeper questions could be.

“That sounds fun! What about plumbing interests you the most, what about it do you find fascinating?” (Interest)

“What made you start as a Plumber?” (Past)

“Do you like being a Plumber? Do you think you’ll keep doing it?” (Desires)

So, there you have it, five great tips to make you ready for the contest. Visit this page to follow the contest and see where in the top list you are. And don’t forget, the top 10 performers will receive a price.

We wish you the best of luck!

If you need to exchange more ideas with us or other fellow models, join our free discord server 

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