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GOOD NEWS: Now You Can Use PayPal to Buy Credits on SkyPrivate (US Only)

Here’s some (really) great news: now you can use your PayPal balance to buy credits on SkyPrivate. “But wait a minute… Paypal doesn’t allow adult websites to use their service, does it?” You’re 100% right. That’s why the flow won’t be the usual one — PayPal → SkyPrivate — to top up your SkyPrivate Member account. But PayPal → Bitcoin/ETH […]

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Jessica Larsen on Her Experience with Scammers (plus her best tips on how to recognize them)

How do you tell a scammer approaching you on Skype from a good-paying SkyPrivate member approaching you on Skype? Is it the avatar? Is it the way he approaches you? The type of requests he makes or the “too tempting” offer he tries to seduce you with? How do you recognize someone trying fraud tricks […]

Which Category Should You Choose: BDSM, GFE… Regular?

Are you dealing with a “paradox of choice” type of situation? Girlfriend experience, non-adult, regular… BDSM: which category on SkyPrivate works best for you? Which one is more likely to help you develop stronger relationships with your members and turn them into your regulars? For that’s the right type of question you should ask yourself […]