SkyPrivate KYC verification: A step-by-step guide on how to verify your SkyPrivate model account

Hello ladies! If you’re here, you have probably decided to give SkyPrivate a go and set up your model account. We’re thrilled to have you on board! In order to make the SkyPrivate KYC verification as smooth as possible, we have decided to prepare this article where we will cover:

  • the kind of info we will need from you
  • why we need it
  • how to make sure you get past the SkyPrivate KYC verification process on your first attempt.  


The KYC (Know Your Customer) verification is an important step in the registration process on SkyPrivate. However, you don’t have to stress about it. It’s actually not difficult at all, you just have to pay attention to a few details.


In this article you will learn more about:

  • The SkyPrivate KYC verification step
  • Photo requirements
  • The types of problems you might encounter
  • How to take better photos for any KYC verification.


What is the SkyPrivate KYC verification and why is it so important?

The SkyPrivate KYC verification is necessary for any website that deals with payouts. That’s because we want to make sure that the money goes to the model who has performed the show and not to someone else. Therefore, knowing your identity is a crucial step in the registration process. Before your account is verified, you won’t be able to withdraw money.

We need to make sure that your account is not fake and that you are indeed the one that benefits from any show you perform. The faster your account gets verified, the faster you can start receiving money.

Now, we know that giving away sensitive information about yourself might seem scary. That’s why we want you to know that only the SkyPrivate team will be able to access this information – we don’t share any details with third-parties. Also, we take all the precautions necessary to make sure we prevent any intent of theft or fraud. It is important to complete the Contact Details section very carefully. Only our team will know this information, and we need it to make sure that the money ends up in your pocket.


The Requirements

To verify your account, we are going to need four photos. Two are going to be photos of your ID (front and back), one photo will be with you holding your ID in a way we can clearly see your face as well as your ID photo to make sure you are the same person. The last photo will be with you holding a piece of paper on which you wrote the date (again, we need to clearly see your face as well as the date).

Although the process itself is simple, some cam girls don’t manage to get their account verified on the first attempt. If you want to get through this process as fast as possible, you will need to pay attention to details.

First of all, you need to have all documents up to date. Expired IDs will not be taken into consideration. Once you’ve prepared your ID, make sure that you take a photo with the whole document. Also, make sure that your documents are not ripped or damaged. Choose a different document (your driver’s license, for example) if your ID has any damages.  We need to clearly see the entire ID (so make sure you are not covering any details with your fingers) as well as your face. Otherwise, you will fail the SkyPrivate KYC verification step.

Your photos need to be high-quality, but that doesn’t mean that you should invest in a professional camera. Most smartphones will help you take good photos.Blurred photos are, of course, out of the question.


How NOT to take photos for the SkyPrivate KYC verification step

As we’ve mentioned earlier, verifying your account is not complicated, but there are a few things that you should take into consideration. Here are some frequent mistakes cam girls make during the SkyPrivate KYC verification process:


1. Blurry photos

If you take a photo like the one above, or if you deliberately blur your photos, we won’t be able to tell if the person on the ID is really you. We need to clearly see your face and the ID to make sure that they are a match.


2. Covering your face

Again, if you cover your face, we won’t be able to identify you. Fear not though – we are not going to use the photos you send us, nor share them with third-parties.


3. Not showing the entire ID


If you’re not comfortable showing us your ID, you can also take a photo of your driving license. What’s important is that we see the whole document, so don’t just photograph a corner, and make sure you don’t cover any details with your fingers.


4. Wearing too much makeup

Ideally, you should take photos without any makeup on. If you decide to use some anyway, make sure it’s not something too dramatic that will alter your facial features. Otherwise, we won’t be able to tell if you match the person in your ID photo.


5. Taking Pictures in the mirror

Don’t take pictures in the mirror. It will make it hard for us to see your details (name, birth date, etc.) because they will appear blurry.


6. Taking photos with other people

You should be the only person to appear in the picture. If you take the picture with other people, we won’t be able to figure out which one of you is the model who applied. This is why we don’t accept group pictures.


How to take better photos for the SkyPrivate KYC verification

To help you easily get past the SkyPrivate KYC verification step, we are going to show you how to take better photos. So here are some tips & tricks that you should consider:


1. Prepare your phone

Before you start taking any photos, make sure that you clean both the front and the back camera of your phone. Use a dry piece of cloth to wipe the lenses. This will ensure that your photos are clear. Also, set the camera to the highest resolution to make sure that your photos show all the details.


2. Consider your lighting

If you want to take great photos in general, you need to pay attention to the ambient light. We suggest you take photos during the day, using natural light. And make sure you are facing your source of lighting, it can create shadows on your face, and that’s going to complicate the SkyPrivate KYC verification process.


3. Go for a natural look

If you don’t want to take photos bare-faced, go for a natural look. Don’t use too much makeup and keep an upright position and smile discreetly when you take your photos.


That’s it, ladies! These are all the steps that you should follow to make sure you pass the SkyPrivate KYC verification process on the first attempt. If you’re still having trouble verifying your account, don’t hesitate to contact us via

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