What Makes You Different? 6 Tips for Building Your Brand as a Cam Model

Building Your Brand as a Cam Girl: What Makes You Unique?

What makes you so special, anyway?

Maybe when your camera’s off you’re a geeky gamer girl, who’s watched all the Star Wars movies (at least) 3 times. Or a people-person, sunny, and chatty: you get along with everyone.

Or maybe you’re the non-conformist and the adventurer type: hikes, motorcycles, backpacking in SouthEast Asia… rain boots at fancy cocktail parties.

Don’t know what makes you different?

Then we have a teeny tiny problem…

For you can’t build yourself a unique brand as a cam Model if you don’t identify what it is that makes you unique.

And that because big booty, long legs, sexy curves… don’t cut it anymore. Almost all cam girls have that. That’s not what will help you connect with your customers. What will turn them into your regulars.

Instead, showing them your human side, stepping away from the “generic” cam Model stereotype, will.

So, here are 6 effective tricks that you can use to discover what’s special about you. Those things that make you stand out from the crowd of cam girls:

1. Take the Quiz

The Jungian archetype quiz, I mean.

And I do confess: I knew about this test but hadn’t thought about this particular use case till I watched Model Boot Camp at the YNOT Summit.

Archetypes, Carl Jung, psychology…. it all sounds way fancier than it is. So, let’s sum it up:

Here are 2 possible scenarios you’ll face:

A. Are you the “Lover” (arche)type?

Then it will come naturally to you to have a higher level of intimacy with your customers. To bid on sensuality and femininity, to appeal to their senses.

Work that angle, for that is… you.

Think various shades of red, satin lingerie, silk robes… heavy velvet curtains, red lips… an empathetic and soothing voice tone.

What Makes You Different? 6 Tips for Building Your Brand as a Cam Model

You’ll rock at making your customers feel like they’ve just slipped into a cozy bedroom after a hard day of work. A sensual and tender beauty is looking after them, pouring them a glass of wine, getting all their senses tingling, and calming their nerves…

B. Are you the “Jester” type?

Are you fun to be around and positive, a ray of sunshine for everyone around you?

Then you definitely want to bring that out.

What Makes You Different? 6 Tips for Building Your Brand as a Cam Model

Reflect it in that funny framed quote on the wall in your room. In your bubbly way of telling jokes, in your playful way of approaching your customers.

They’re in your room and they will keep coming in for a good laugh, among other things…

So, just give them that… your way.

2. Ask a Friend… Or Two

How will you attract customers and make them stay for the long haul? Ask your closest friends: what was it that made them want to know you better?

What Makes You Different? 6 Tips for Building Your Brand as a Cam Model

Was it:

  • your energy: it draws people to you, like a magnet
  • your empathy: you’re a very good listener
  • your creativity/originality: you’re inspirational, encouraging everyone around you to pursue their originality

Now, can you explore and exploit that “people-magnet” in you to attract customers to your room? And to keep them coming back?

3. Indulge in a Little Introspection

“Just be yourself!” Doesn’t this line drive you crazy?

What does it mean? How is your true self, more exactly?

Now, here are some questions to help you bring up those unique things about you that you’ll want to make the most when building your brand as a cam Model:

  • What do you love to do most when you’re not camming (OK, besides catching up on sleep)?
  • What are those 3 things that you’d take with you on a desert island?
  • What people do you admire the most? What do they have in common?

Keep in mind: almost any cam Model can be a Domina, a girl next door, or a femme fatale. But only you can be… you!

4. Describe Yourself in a Tweet

140 characters at most!

The word limit should help you filter through the less relevant details, so you get to the core of what makes you special.

OK, now what?

2 Things to Keep in Mind When Growing Into a Brand:

5. Be Authentic

Let’s say you’ve taken that quiz I was telling you about and it turns out your leading archetype is the “Innocent” one.

Your friends and family have confirmed that yes, they see you as a feel-good spirit, happy kiddo. One who encourages everyone to be who they truly are.

What Makes You Different? 6 Tips for Building Your Brand as a Cam Model

Yet, you decide to build your brand — your tagline, your imagery, your room decor, your teaser texts, your kinks, etc. — around the persona of a cold-hearted bitch. Or around that of a dark, goth-like alt model.

Not a wise decision in the long term.

Here’s why:

  • if your customers don’t trust you, why would they stick with you?
  • when you build your brand around that thing that makes you unique, your type of customers will want to connect with you: you give them clues of what makes you tick
  • by being true to yourself, it will be easier for you to remain consistent with your brand over time

Which brings us to:

6. Be Consistent

And this goes without saying: your brand as a cam Model is nothing without consistency.

Stick to the same tone: friendly and easy-going, bossy and authoritative, flirty and playful or sensual and soothing, etc.

For you don’t want to confuse your regulars by jumping from that adventurous and fierce image that you’ve got them used to, to that of a… naughty Lolita, now do you?

Building and nurturing relationships with your customers is all about trust.

And you can’t deliver trust if you don’t stick to your elements of brand consistency throughout everything that you do.

Is it a bit more clear now what path to take to discover what makes you different and work on that angle? Then, we’re just a bit curious now: what’s your archetype?

Feel free to share it in the comments!


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