Why use our pay-per-minute plugin

From time to time, we receive e-mails from members who are saying models didn’t do their work, even if they paid for the show. And then, we begin our detectives work in analyzing the situation: did that show happen and who is not telling the truth?

This complaints are coming from members who are using the “send money” option from our system so, in order to avoid this situation, we created this amazing tool called “pay-per-minute plugin”. Models have to install it and have it running during the video call, so they can charge the member per minute. The awesome trick is the automatic call log that the model will receive in her account, so there will be a proof of her show and no more complaints from members.

This tool is also useful for the members because they will pay only for what they get and not a minute extra.

There is another major advantage of this plugin: it shortens the standard verification time that we take before approving a payment.

So, if you are a model, download and start using the plugin now! It will make your work easier and funnier. And if you are a member, ask the model to use the plugin before starting the show, and you will get charge only for what you get.

We prepared a short movie about the plugin, to better understand its features. Have fun and enjoy your shows!

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