Don’t send money to models if you didn’t talk to them first

Last week we were telling models to use the pay-per-minute plugin if they want their work to be safe and easy. This week, we decided to write an article for all the members who are using our system.

Don’t just send money to models if you didn’t talk to them first

Some of the models might not be online when you send them money. Some of them might be involved in other conversations, so you will be disappointed: you sent them money and they didn’t do their part of the job.

So, in order to avoid this kind of situations, this is what you have to do:

1. Add her on Skype. You can see her Skype ID on her public profile, but only if you are a Premium Member. To become a Premium Member you just need to add funds to your account, at least once;

2. Start talking to her and ask her for a show;

If she’s available at the moment, she will answer. Also, if you have money to your account, she will see that you are a Premium Member, so she will trust talking to you.

3. If she agrees to do the show, you can send her money. Better yet, don’t just use the “Send money” option from you account! Ask her to use the pay-per-minute plugin! If she uses the plugin, you will only be charged by the minute, so you will pay only for what you get and not a penny more.

We prepared a short movie for you, so you can see the correct steps to approach a model.

Have fund and enjoy your shows!

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