Remember how we mentioned that we’re aiming to improve our service for you? Well, we just reached another threshold regarding the level of security that we offer at SkyPrivate.

A couple of days ago, we activated the HTTPS for all the SkyPrivate services infrastructure. If you’re wondering what HTTPS is, we’ll try explaining in short: you know how after searching a website and accessing it, you always have the http://” syntax before the name of the website? Well, HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol which refers to the way we communicate on the internet.

Now you must be thinking, “OK, but why is HTTPS different and how is this news to me?”. And we’re going to tell you that it’s a very big difference and it’s actually great news for you.

Your connection with SkyPrivate is now even safer because all you account and payment information transfers are being protected by another layer of security which is done through data encryption.

Not only keep your information secured but, every time you send us new data or have a new interaction with SkyPrivate, we make sure that the transferred information will reach us without a third party being able to peek at it.

HTTPS was already implemented for SkyPrivate, but it was restricted to the payments area, as they are one of the most sensitive areas for our members and it has now expanded to cover all our services.

This change doesn’t affect you in any way, it’s being applied to everybody and you don’t have to change anything.

When you signed up for SkyPrivate, we mentioned how important trust, and therefore security is to us. This is one of the checkpoints that 2017 brings along with it.