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Jessica Larsen on Her Experience with Scammers (plus her best tips on how to recognize them)

JessicaLarsen on Her Experience with Scammers and The Best Tips on How to Recognize and Avoid Them

How do you tell a scammer approaching you on Skype from a good-paying SkyPrivate member approaching you on Skype?

Is it the avatar?

Is it the way he approaches you? The type of requests he makes or the “too tempting” offer he tries to seduce you with?

How do you recognize someone trying fraud tricks on you? What are the alarming signs to look out for?

The best answers to such questions come from those SkyPrivates models who’ve already had some experiences with scammers, right?

One of these “SkyPrivate models” is JessicaLarsen, who’s been so kind (and altruistic) as to talk to us about her own experience with scammers.

So, here’s an interview with her filled with lots of actionable tips, great advice for you, and personal thoughts on the subject.

SkyPrivate: Jessica, first of all, why SkyPrivate?

JesssicaLarsen: Because I am a 1-on-1 cam girl. This is my… thing, the one that I’m good at and where I get to be the closest to my true self.

And secondly, I just love those really intimate interactions that are possible only on Skype. I want to be able to see the members that I’m with full screen, almost life-sized, and not just in tiny little squares. I want to be able to hear them…

In short, I love this closeness, this level of intimacy, and, of course, why would I hide it: I like the payout here, on SkyPrivate.

Have you ever felt like you were lured into a scam since you’ve been on SkyPrivate?

There have been 3 such cases. In 2 of them I “smelled” fraud right away and contacted support, but in 1 one case I was so close to getting myself into trouble.

But, again, a question to support, in the live chat, saved my ass.

Could you describe what happened exactly to identify certain patterns of behavior?

Of course! Because I so do not agree with the idea that being scammed is part of some sort of initiation as a cam girl newbie.

And that if it hasn’t happened to you yet it will happen and there’s nothing you can do to prevent it. You just…. wait to get burned and learn your lesson. Bullshit!

Every model here has the right to know what red flags to watch out for.

And every SkyPrivate model who has had any experience with scammers should share it. So that the rest of the girls learn about the “latest” scamming methods in due time.

That being said, here are my 3 experiences with scamming attempts:

1. Someone from “support” approached me on Skype one day…

… telling me that they were running some sort of “quality analysis“ campaign. They wanted to make sure my profile description (including my list of services there) was accurate.

So, he started asking for a custom video where I’d do some of the things listed in my menu: striptease, pussy fingering, boob rubbing…

At first, I was too shocked, didn’t know what to think, how to react. Then, it struck me: he was a scammer, trying to fool me into doing a free show for him.

I got really pissed off and dropped a screenshot of our conversation in the support chat. They told me right away that they weren’t running such verifications.

2. The second time I almost took the bait…

It was this one guy who called me on Skype and, while we were setting the details for the show, he sent me the link to a video.
It featured a girl whose teasing and outfit he wanted me to get inspired by.

And this time I was this close to giving that link a click!

Luckily, the “.vbs” extension caught my eye (my boyfriend’s a back-end developer and I’ve learned a thing or two from him). And, again, I opened a live chat and asked a question in support. Just to be sure.

It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made, for it proved it was a VBS script that installs malware into your PC, corrupting all files there.

JessicaLarsen on Her Experience with Scammers and The Best Tips on How to Recognize and Avoid Them: .VBS Files

I still get shivers down my spine thinking just how close I was to giving free access to all my files to a scammer! I could have had my pictures, my videos, uploaded all over the internet.

I could have gotten blackmailed…

3. And there was this one time when someone from “Tech”…

… (with the username “Admin”) wrote to me on Skype that there was something wrong with the plugin. And that he’d send me an “updated” version to install.

This was quite strange because I had had 3 long calls that day and everything went super smoothly. Again, when in doubt, I contact support, just to double-check my… worries. And so far my intuition hasn’t failed me.

There was something about this guy… I can’t really say what exactly. Maybe the fact that it seemed unusual to be contacted by someone from tech and not by someone from the customer support team.

Maybe because there was something fishy in the way he approached me (no name, no nothing, just a mysterious “SkyPrivate technical team” signature). And the fact that he almost summoned me to install the new plugin.

Or maybe the fact that I hadn’t experienced any problems with the plugin myself.

Anyways, glad I was “overly” paranoid and asked that question to the support team, in the live chat. It proved to be what I suspected: a scam attempt.

Given this, do you agree with the “trust no one” strategy?

Yes, totally. And I don’t care how cynical this sounds or how time-consuming it might turn out to be.

If you’re the least trusting model on SkyPrivate you’re also the least likely to get scammed model on SkyPrivate, too.

Don’t you risk putting off every first-time member that gets in touch with you on Skype?

Well, even in real life, you still need to win your partner’s trust on your first date, right?

Joke aside, I think I’m being reasonable here: I simply don’t offer free shows, free content to anyone. Full stop.

And this weeds out a lot of the time-wasters and potential scammers. I’m not being extra cautious for no reason with any member who gets in touch with me on Skype.

I only get suspicious if he approaches me with… suspicious requests.

Has your personal experience with scammers had any impact on your relationships with your regular members?

Not at all. I don’t allow myself to generalize this type of fraudulent behavior.

For there are a lot of good-paying and trustworthy members on SkyPrivate (and some of them are my own regulars). And we, models, cannot allow ourselves to put them all in the same boat.

I refuse to put a stigma on all SkyPrivate members just because there’s a minority out there trying to take advantage of my hard work.

If you were to give 3 pieces of advice to the models on SkyPrivate on how to recognize a scammer, what would you advise them?

First of all, whenever someone from “support” contacts you on Skype and asks for a “quick show for verification” — to take off your bra, simulate masturbation or any other kind of explicit content — you should know that he’s a scammer.

No one from the SkyPrivate team will ever ask you that!

Secondly, if a member tries to convince you to accept a Paypal payment, cause you’d then get quicker access to your money, know that that’s a scam, too.

Not only that it’s forbidden to accept payments via PayPal here, on SkyPrivate, but just think about it for a sec: PayPal doesn’t accept payments for adult content so, sooner or later, they’ll close your account and refund the money to the sender.

And all that after you’ve already done your own part and put on the Skype show he wanted from you.

And thirdly, whenever you get a “vbs” link just don’t click on it. It’s a virus.

And what about the 3 best tips on how to avoid getting scammed? 

If it’s too good to be true, it most certainly is a scam. Like when a member contacts you on Skype saying he’s ready to give you $200 for a 20-minute show if you do this and that.

Never, ever give away personal information (email address, SkyPrivate username, and password, etc.) on Skype.

Always report these scam attempts to support!

Send them screenshots, describe the experience in a few words. Do what you expect other models to do: expose these methods, share your experience, help the SkyPrivate team help you.

Is there anything else you’d like to add, scam-related or not?

Be vigilant, ladies, but don’t let this “witch hunt” affect your relationships with your good-paying members!

What about you? Have you had scammers trying any other types of fraud tricks on you?

Let’s see some girls-supporting-girls here on SkyPrivate: share your experience(s) in the comments for other models to be aware of!

Image by Sammy-Williams from Pixabay

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The #1 Reason Why You Don’t Have Your Own Group of Regular Members Yet

The #1 Reason Why You Haven’t Managed to Build a Loyal Following of Regulars Yet

You keep hearing of all these other SkyPrivate models who have their solid groups of regular members.

And you do know how important having regulars is: 80% of a model’s money comes from 20% of her members.

From those truly loyal ones. Her own little fanbase…

So, how do they do it?

And why haven’t you managed to build your own loyal following of regulars yet?

But maybe you’re not asking yourself the right question. A better one would be:

“Have I shown them enough… respect?”


Let me detail:

1. When You Show Up, Regularly, You Build Trust

And it’s trust that opens the wallets on the long-run, not long sexy legs or beautiful, round breasts or a bubbly personality.

Just think about it:

Would you still follow your favorite trainer and subscribe to her/his fitness program if he/she would show up online only now and then? If she/he had no consideration for your own time and schedule whatsoever?

“Men want to be respected more than loved” (quoting Nikki Night in a YNOT Summit session)

Just being there, online, on SkyPrivate — maybe not daily, but regularly — is an almost too simple tactic. One that you could easily underestimate.

Yet, it’s the most powerful one.

If your members see you there, at the same hours, same days of the week, for days, weeks, months on end… they’ll subconsciously get to trust you and:

  • check out your profile in the first place
  • turn into your regulars because they trust you

They can stay assured that they’ll find you online next time, too, at pretty much the same hour.

For you can’t beat the power of familiarity.

And once they’ve made their choice (they chose you over all the other… 30K+ models on SkyPrivate) they’ll stick to it and repeat it.

Unless you don’t show up and lose their trust.

Think about it for a second:

You, too, have grown into a regular customer of certain brands over the years. And this happened both due to the quality of their services AND because you’ve come to trust them, right?

Because they’re reliable

It’s the same with your members.

2. Keep Your Word And They’ll Remember You

“It’s not really a big thing, but I always appreciate it when a model says the approximate timeframe in which she will BRB, and does that.” (source:

OK, he referred to models performing on freemium cam sites, but you get the point. Keep your word, whether that means to:

  • log in at the hour you agreed with your members, in the chat, that you’d be online
  • show up on time for your prepaid shows
  • perform the type of shows you promised them you’d perform

See? Nothing out of the ordinary.

But it’s small things like this, when you “forget” what you promise, that discourage a first-time customer from (ever) turning into a regular.

“Your fans can adore you, but they also have their own schedules.” (source: YNOT Summit)

3. Take Notes and You’ll Slowly Turn them into Regular Members

I mean, this is the minimum of respect you can show your members: not to mix up the personal details they share with you.

This Is The #1 Reason Why You Don’t Have Your Own Group of Regular Members Yet

For then it’d be almost like you were in an intimate moment with your own mister Handsome and he calls you… by the name of another girl. Not cool.

The freaking simple solution to this? Take notes!

Excel sheets, the Notes app on your phone, sticky notes, you name it. Write down anything that:

  • you could bring up in your next 1-on-1 with him to show him that you remember that… he has a dog named Rhino and his favorite sport is hockey, not baseball
  • you’ll want to keep at hand to save you from embarrassing situations where you risk messing up members’ personal information

Final Tip: Just Put Yourself In Their Shoes

This is the easiest way to really see just how important it is to show your members respect.

This Is The #1 Reason Why You Don’t Have Your Own Group of Regular Members Yet

To show them respect before you show them that you’re non-judgemental when it comes to their fetishes, that you love to please them, that you…

So, just think about it for a second:

  • you, too, don’t want to lose your money on something that’s not worth it, right?
  • you, too, don’t like to be cheated/frauded
  • you, too, work your ass off for your money
  • you, too, have to deal with sh*tty members

So do they. They, too, might have horrible bosses or terrible customers of their own at work.

“I thought about this a lot and while you usually come from the “other” side in terms of respect, meaning respect payed to the model by the members, the other direction is also true… And it might be easy to forget that there are also those who reflect more and are not interested to hurt anyone or be verbally abusive. Being professional as a model also means IMO to be able to differentiate between those two groups of members. 

So basically I like models who respect me.” (source:

A little empathy is enough to subconsciously stop you from doing something that you, in return, wouldn’t like them to do to you.

Such as not giving a damn whether they hope/expect that you’d be online.

In short, just be there, regularly, show your members that you respect them and you’ll get there. You’ll build your own group of regular members.

The END!

Your turn now:

What do you think of this too obvious “secret” of all those models with solid communities of regulars?

Do you think it would work if you incorporated it into your own strategy as a SkyPrivate model?

Do you find it too common? Ineffective?

Let’s start a debate in the comments below!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio, Kelly Sikkema, and Raphael Renter.

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Why You’ll Want to Get Yourself on the “Promoted Models” List: 6 Main Reasons

Just imagine: the first thing that members see when they land on the Profiles page is your avatar!

You’re right there, at the very top of the page, all eyes on you…

No need to imagine it, actually: you can just use the new feature in your model account — Promoted positions — and get yourself at the top of the Profiles page.

Both on SkyPrivate and on our affiliates’ websites.

It’s super simple: just follow the 5 easy steps explained here to activate your bidding and you’re good to go.

Still a bit skeptical?

Then here are the 6 main reasons why you don’t want to be left out of the Promoted Models list:

1. You Get All the Eyeballs on Your Profile

And the more exposure you have, the more chances you get to turn visitors into your paying customers.

But I’m just stating the obvious here, right?

It’s pretty much like being at the top of Google’s first results page.

2. You Can Be a Promoted Model Even If You’re Just Starting Out on SkyPrivate

Yep, it’s that easy.

No need to meet 101 requirements, to be a registered SkyPrivate model for “X” months, to have “X” profile views per day, or “Y” Skype calls per hour.

You just bid for one of the promoted spots at the top of the Profiles page and… that’s it!

The higher your bid amount, the higher your chances to be one of the few Promoted Models.

It’s the one and only requirement you’ll need to ever worry about.

3. You Get to Pay Less than What You Bid

Let’s say you’re on THE list: you’re one of those Promoted Models on top of the Profiles page.

Did you bid… $40 and the next Model in line bid only $25? Then it’s only $25 that you pay (not your actual bid amount).

So, you pay what the next model in the hierarchy has bid.

In other words, you pay less than what you bid.

Note! If both you and the next model in line bid… $40, let’s say, you pay $40.

In short, you pay the amount that the next model in line bids, whether it’s smaller or the same as yours.

To sum up: you always stand high chances to pay less than what you bid.

Unlike with the bidding on other cam sites, where you have zero chance to pay anything less than your actual bid amount.

4. You Can Update Your Bid at Any Time and Secure Your Top Spot

Don’t worry if your bidding position gets worse: you can update your bid any time during the 24-hour bidding process.

So, there’s no risk, no lucky guessing, no… bidding “blindfolded”.

You can keep an eye on your bidding position and bump it up any time until the daily bidding ends.

The only thing you need to do to secure your spot among the Promoted Models at the top of the page is to monitor the changes on the leaderboard.

5. You Make Your Profile Stand Out from the Crowd

Your profile will be one of the very few ones wearing a “Promoted” red ribbon. One that will set it apart from the rest of the profiles and grab members’ attention.

So, do you want your profile to stand out or to… get lost in the huge crowd of sexy avatars on SkyPrivate?

6. You’ll Be One of the Promoted Models on SkyPrivate (Usually no More Than 10)

Just think about it: there are 30.000+ models on SkyPrivate and usually no more than 10 “Promoted Models” on the Profiles page.

Members would see your profile pictures before the other… 29.999+ models’ own profile pictures.

Do you see the type of exposure you’d be missing out on?

It’s The Easiest Way to Get Your Profile into the Spotlight And Keep It There

All you have to do is just bid for one of the top spots on the page to get your model profile at the top of the page.

And to be consistent and persevering with your bidding to secure your spot there.

That’s it.

It’s the surest and quickest way to make sure that members will see your profile picture before those of all the other… 29.999+ models on SkyPrivate.

It’s up to you now: you either push your profile right at the top and keep it there.

Or you just… leave it lingering where it’s now.

If you do not want to wait in line anymore, just follow the quick steps here and claim your top spot on the page!

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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How to Identify Time Wasters: 4 Useful Tips (from our top-earning models)

Do you know a time-waster when you see one?

Not always since you’re reading this blog post.😜

A blog post that started from a question coming from a SkyPrivate model:

“How can u tell who’s just basically wasting your time and wanting free chat and who’s actually serious and wants to go online chat?” (source:

How do you draw the line between being friendly and being too friendly? To the point that you start to sabotage yourself?

How can you be sure you’re not too rigid with a paying member?

In short:

How do you identify time wasters from the very first minutes of conversation?

What clues give them away?

Here are just 4 of them:

1. They Ask Open-Ended Questions

  • “What kind of outfits do you have?”
  • “What kinks are you into?”
  • “What roleplay do you like best?”

And so on. You know where I’m heading to…

I’m talking about the type of questions that clearly point out that:

  • He hasn’t even bothered to read the description on your profile page
  • He‘s trying to trick you into talking about sexy stuff for as long as possible
  • He doesn’t know what he wants

“I can’t tell if these guys just need a lot of hand holding to make it happen, or if they’re just getting their rocks off by just talking to me and don’t plan to actually do the show.”  (source:“

On the other hand, a member who does know what he wants will ask you yes/no questions most of the time:

  • Do you masturbate in your shows?
  • Do you have toy X?
  • Can you do Y?

2. How to Identify Time Wasters: They Ask These Types of Questions…

  • “I like satin panties. What kind of panties do you own?”
  • “What do you do in a live show?”
  • “What’s the most annoying customer you’ve ever had?”
  • “What’s the weirdest request you’ve ever got?”
  • “What heels do you own?”

They ask open-ended questions and any type of questions that trick you into sharing an experience/memory with them.

Don’t fall for that!

“It’s a fine line to walk/ balance between being friendly, but not too friendly. These time-wasters can be friendly, but ultimately completely sabotage your business, if you entertain them too much.” (source:

3. They Drag You Into Endless Chit-Chatting

“I desperately want to use the phrase “shit or get off the pot” in here somewhere, but a model that orders someone to metaphorically shit might get taken literally!” (source:

How do you identify time wasters?

They’re those members who try to get you into dirty talking and never-ending chatting in the free chat.

You know them, those who don’t seem to get to the point even after 10/15 minutes.


  • “Where u from btw?”
  • “Do you have a boyfriend?”
  • “Is he Russian/American/Colombian?”
  • “Do you have a strap on? Is it big? Is it white? Is it black? Would you use it to…?”

… type. You get the idea.

These are clear hints that you’re dealing with a big chatter (aka freeloader).

4. They Haven’t Read Even 10% of the Description on Your Profile

Does he ask you if you’d be his virtual girlfriend even though it says right there, on your profile page, that you do femdom shows?

Or does he ask you if you own a nurse suit even if you’ve already listed all the outfits you own in your description?

He could be a time-waster or just a “lazy” paying customer (who’s still taking up too much of your time).

OK, so we’ve gone through the 4 key clues that’ll help you identify time wasters. Now, how about some techniques you could use to keep their number to a minimum?

To keep them at a distance or to minimize the time you spend with them, at least.

Here’s what you can do…

A. Guide the Conversation and Keep It on Track

Sometimes you need to step in, cut the bullshit (aka “the rambling”) and make him get to the point.

Your conversation in the free chat should boil down to 2 key aspects:

  • Can you do the show he’s looking for: yes or no?
  • Is he willing to get to playtime after 5 minutes: yes or no?

This brings us to the next technique:

B. Set a 5-Minute Rule

Give them 5 minutes, no more, to ask their questions in the free chat.

If the member approaching you knows what he wants and his intention is, indeed, to go live with you, 5 minutes should be enough to answer his yes/no questions.

C. Set Boundaries in Your Description

State what you won’t do right on your profile page to weed out time wasters from paying customers.

Have you pointed out on your profile that you don’t do “daddy dom” roleplay and someone approaches you on Skype asking if you do precisely that?

That should be a warning sign for you that you might be dealing with a time waster.

D. Include as Much Info as Possible in Your Description

This way, you reduce the chances that they ask you what toys/outfits you have, what roleplays you do, what fetishes you’re into.

Leave them with as few “pretexts” as possible to ask for info that’s already there, on your profile page, for them to read.

Not your fault if they’re too lazy to read your description…

E. Set a Limited No. of Questions They Can Ask in the Free Chat

Limit the number of questions to 3 or 5: an efficient system to streamline things a bit.

Being this straightforward from the start will discourage them from beating around the bush in the free chat.

F. Use the “Lookup Member” Feature in Your Model Account

Did you know you could check a SkyPrivate member’s activity history right from your model account?

It’s the “Lookup Member” feature and it’s right there, on your dashboard. It allows it to:

  • check if the person approaching you on Skype is, indeed, a SkyPrivate member
  • get access to some info about him

In short, use it to look for antecedents and warning signs.

The END!

These are some of the best tips that our top-earning models use to identify time wasters and keep them at a distance.

What are some of your own techniques for spotting and discouraging freeloaders?

Share them with the other models right here, in the comments!

Photos: Unsplash and Pexels.


Cam Girl Rates: What Should You Charge as a SkyPrivate Model?

Cam Girl Rates: What Should You Charge as a SkyPrivate Model?

The price you think you’re worth…

“I’m afraid of overcharging and I’m also afraid of selling things for way too cheap.“ (source:

I’m not being of much help to you now, am I?

If it makes any difference, this is a dilemma that all the SkyPrivate models have faced at some point:

  • How do you set your cam girl rates per minute?
  • How much should you charge for a private cam show?
  • Will you earn more if you charge the minimum rate?
  • Is it a rule that, as a newbie, you should charge the minimum rate? 
  • Is a rise of your cam girl prices alone a guarantee that you’ll earn more?

Let’s get you the answers.

1. “Do You Think It’s Better to Set a Low or High Price?”

A question found on that got me thinking.


  • lower rates = more calls, right?
  • but higher rates = less work

… and it’s also a signal to members that you value your skills, your time, yourself.

My experience has been: treat yourself like a luxury commodity and you will become one. “ (source:

A better answer here than the standard “charge the minimum rate” or “set the highest price per minute” is:

Go for adequate charging.

Let me explain.

2. Set the Minimum Rate and You’ll Attract The Cheap Members

And the rude ones, too.

My experience: the cheaper your price, the more rude the users are.” (source:

Cam Girl Rates: What Should You Charge as a SkyPrivate Model?Here are just some of the signals you send out when charging the lowest cam girl prices:

  • You’re willing to do a lot for just a few bucks (even if it’s not included in your “menu”)
  • You’re desperate enough to work more for less (and members “smell” desperation)
  • You don’t value yourself (why would they?)

At the moment, I set the minimum rate on all sites because I want to make more $.”

Can you see the flaws in this “strategy”?

An efficient strategy would allow you to work smarter, not harder.

3. Price Yourself Higher and You Get Better Customers in the Long Run

Would you build a fanbase of loyal minute men or one of high-paying members?

It’s amazing the time wasters raising your prices eliminates. Finding the confidence to price yourself higher is also a super empowering feeling!” (source:

Just think about it:

If you set 1$/minute for a private cam show, you put your green light ON for… time-wasters. Those members who wouldn’t dare “bother” other SkyPrivate models that charge higher rates.

With you, instead, they do dare to get greedy (and rude).

To ask you to be all naked when the session starts so they wouldn’t need to pay more for polite conversation and striptease.

Even though your rate is already user-friendly.

Do you want that?

To have to keep up with such types of customers X hours per day? For, your rates are low, so you can’t afford to turn on your plugin only now and then.

Instead, a higher rate acts like:

  • a filter for cheap asses
  • a magnet for high-paying customers

Those who’re worth keeping in the long run.

The ones with higher standards (and better manners).

4. Cam Girl Rates: “Around How Much Is Fair/Reasonable?”

Start by looking at other SkyPrivate models’ profiles and try to figure out what’s “adequate”.

Tip! Pick 5 models with the same level of experience as yours, a similar menu of services, same category, same rank, etc. Add their prices, and divide the sum by 5. You’ll then get the average price that models from your league charge.

Cam Girl Rates: What Should You Charge as a SkyPrivate Model?

Still, it doesn’t mean that you should stick to “average”.

But what’s in a SkyPrivate cam girl’s price, more exactly?

  • Her level of experience
  • How good she is at entertaining, engaging with her members, and building long-term relationships with them
  • The time and money she’s invested in improving her skills, her shows (equipment, time invested in attending webinars, lingerie, make-up, room decor, English courses, etc.)

Words of wisdom!

  1. Experience without growth/self-improvement is pretty worthless and doesn’t justify higher prices.
  2. Lack of experience compensated by great people skills, advanced English level, and a good work ethic is not a reason in itself for setting the minimum rate.

Good to know!

  • Rushing in to raise your rates without first completing your profile on SkyPrivate is less effective
  • You can boost your earnings with dynamic pricing: use higher rates on special days (V Day, Christmas…)

5. BONUS! What Happened When Some SkyPrivate Models Raised Their Rates

We’ve noticed 2 things:

  • the majority of them earned 69% more
  • the majority of them decreased their calls with 66%

And this translates into:

More money with less hustle!

And this is your long-term goal, too, isn’t it?

Wrapping Up

Setting the most adequate cam girl rates on SkyPrivate means:

  • studying other models in your “league”
  • fighting against the “If I charge less I’ll earn more” mentality
  • aligning our rates to your key objective: work smarter not harder

Or “quality over quantity” if we’re referring to the type of members you want your rates to attract.

The END!

Now, I strongly encourage you to disagree with me. With all these tips and myth-busters on setting the right price as a SkyPrivate model presented here.

So, let’s hear your arguments: what are your thoughts on this topic?

Let’s chat right here, in the comments!

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How to use the Skype Translator Feature

World Skype Translator

Since October 2015, Skype Translator has been integrated in the Skype for Windows Application. Immediately after the inclusion of this feature, Skype users enjoyed a more personal experience when communicating without worrying about language barriers.


How to create a custom Skype ID

Create a custom Skype ID

Branding is essential in every market. It’s purpose is to make the people which encounter the brand, more likely to remember it and then later become brand ambassadors for said brand. Branding applies to both companies and individuals and in the cam market it becomes imperative for each model to build a strong brand.

Today we will discuss about the process of creating a custom live Skype ID with the purpose of maintaining a model’s brand. At the same time, this will make it easier for your members to find you and get in touch faster.

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Import Instagram pictures & videos to your SkyPrivate public profile

CLZDVFwVEAAZuit.jpg large

Yes, we’ve made it happen, and yes, we made a tutorial on how it works.

You can now easily import media from Instagram by just connecting it with SkyPrivate. Let’s go straight to the point and read bellow how it can be done in just 7 steps (based on the number of screenshots taken by me).

So first, go to you​​r SkyPrivate account at ​​​​​ and in Public Profile (which can be found in the left Menu), click on the “Import Media” tab (as shown in the picture bellow)

Screenshot 2015-08-12 20.33.48

The second step is to click on “Import from Instagram”
Screenshot 2015-08-12 20.33.56

Instagram will ask you kindly to log in (if you’re not already logged)

Screenshot 2015-08-12 20.34.12

After logging​​​ in, a pop-up will ask you to authorize SkyPrivate to connect with your Instagram. Click “Authorize”

Screenshot 2015-08-12 20.35.15

After authorizing, click on “Import from Instagram” so the media from your Instagram account can show in your SkyPrivate account (it will be private in your SkyPrivate account, only you can see it).

Screenshot 2015-08-12 20.44.08

Then, select the media which you want to publish on your SkyPrivate Public Profile (1), and click on the “Start Import” button (2).

Screenshot 2015-08-12 20.44.18

After the import was completed, the picture or the video will show as​​ being successfully imported.

Screenshot 2015-08-12 20.44.30

Click on “View your profile” button so you can check how it looks ‘from the outside world’ :)​

I’ve added this tutorial in the FAQs so it can be easy to find in case you need to check it again, also you can find there answers to other questions as well.

​​​​Feel free to share this on your social channels so other models can know about it and how easy it is to sync Instagram with SkyPrivate. If you have troubles with this, in anyway, reach us through e-mail​, Skype ID: skyprivatesupport or Twitter ​@SkyPrivate.

Written by Andy

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How to install and use the SkyPrivate Mac Plugin

Once we launched our SkyPrivate Mac plugin, we noticed that our FAQ section didn’t had a tutorial yet on how to use the plugin, so I’ve just made it today. 🙂
First, go to your SkyPrivate account in and click on “Download Skype Plugin”.

Click in the Apple Mac logo and the download will start immediately.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 13.35.28

Drag the SkyPrivate App Icon in the Applications folder.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 13.35.56

Open the Applications folder and proceed with the installation (double click on it).


Click on “Open” to accept the installation setup.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 13.36.22

After the installation is complete, select to “Allow this application to use Skype” and then click on the OK button.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 13.36.37

You should see the Plugin running in the menu bar. Make sure that you’re also logged into it with your username as shown in the example. Also make sure that your Skype ID is the same as the SkyPrivate Username in order for the plugin to work.


When a member tries to call you, the plugin will show if he is or not a SkyPrivate member and if he is or not able to pay.

Example of a caller who is registered on SkyPrivate and who has money in his account:

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 13.46.22

If you’re not identity verified yet, the member will need to approve the payment separately. This is what the pop-up message will show

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 13.46.49

After the payment was approved, you will start to charge him every minute as shown bellow:

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 13.48.53

And after one minute (we had the price of $1/min)

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 13.49.54

That’s how it works. In case you need help with something related, you can look in other questions in the FAQs or e-mail us at support [at] skyprivate [dot] com. You can always add us on Skype at: skyprivatesupport to have a close contact.

Writen by Andy

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los modelos y estudios de videochat pierden millones de dólares cada año, PERO…. [Skype videochat for Colombian Studios]

En los últimos cuatro años, los modelos y estudios de videochat perdieron decenas de millones de dólares a causa de los miembros que quieren mandar dinero a las chicas fuera de los clásicos websites cam – pero no lo podrían hacer. Hasta ahora.

Ahora hemos hecho disponible el primer instrumento de pago por estudios y modelos independientes que funciona fuera de los clásicos websites de videochat. Se llama pago-por-minuto para Skype. Todo el mundo tiene que poder recibir dinero seguramente, anónimamente y legal, para cada minuto pasado en frente del webcam, aun en las llamadas Skype.

Puedes recibir más información si agregas en Skype el ID “” o si mandas un email al CEO (vea mas abajo).

Tenemos una oferta especial para todos los modelos y amigos  estudios LaLexpo:

Si creas una cuenta de estudio o de modelo hasta el fin de agostoo 2015 recibes:

  • – una tasa de 75% y
  • – soporte a nivel VIP. Manda un email al CEO a alex @ skyprivate,com para recibir todas las respuestas que necesitas.

¡Haga clic aquí para accesar el link secreto:



web cam models don’t know about ewhoring?! the fraud method

I just realized that maybe most of the real cam models do not know what the other players from this industry are.
So I just want to give you a heads-up about the fraud methods that some people use to make money as a fake webcam model. it is called “ewhoring” or “e-whoring”

basically fraudsters steal the identity of real girls (or buy it) , then make or buy fake video loops with that girl and then use it to create fake accounts on cam sites to pretend they are real models.
this is a bad thing – also for you the real models – because these type of fake models give a very bad impression to the good members that start not to trust anymore any webcam girl and stop to pay money for live shows because they got burnt.

here is one definition:

eWhoring is a black hat technique for making money. Basically what you do it you pretend to be a girl in a chat room. Then you talk to guys and you ask them to sign up to your affiliate program, usually an adult affiliate program, and once they sign up you get paid.
Hey man! U gotta try ewhoring, basically u pretend to be a girl in chat rooms have a bit of cybersex with some guys and earn tons of cash!

also, a very nice youtube video is this:

and do you know that this kids have big forums where they teach each other and also sell to each other those video loops and pics and fake identities? it is quite a big community and industry.

just keep this in mind: in the cam industry are many more players involved beside the cam site, model and member.


Updates in SkyPrivate: earn 2x more $ | Booking System Available | Skype v6.22 not working

How are you? Hope everything is fine there, as I have some things to share with you. So start smiling! 🙂

Three things to share in five minutes…

1. Referral Percentage Doubled, earn 2x more $
2. Booking System Available,
3. Do not update to the latest Skype version, yet!
First. Let’s say that Christmas came early this year, and from this moment on, for every member or model brought in SkyPrivate you get double.

No more 0.05%, you now get 0.10% for each qualified member or model you bring in SkyPrivate. In other words, for every 10 models / members referred you get 1%. Which brings you closer to 80%, easy.
How cool is that?! 🙂
….Breathe now! Cause there is more.

We know you always wanted to get rid of the members that prepay when you’re not online cause they also complain a lot, when really it’s their fault for not contacting you in the first time. Now, this is history as the booking system is here to help.

You just set your schedule and members can prepay and book shows in advance, easy.

Check the link here to better understand how to set it up: Setup – Prepaid Shows
….Reality check. You still here? Great!

The last thing, but not so happy maybe, is that the latest version of Skype v6.22, doesn’t yet work with our SkyPrivate Plugin, so until we handle this, if you wish to get paid-per-minute, please do not update Skype. In case you did it already, here’s a link to the FAQ where you can download the previous version, the one which we all loved more. Support – SkyPrivate
[Update February 21st 2015: now you can install the latest Skype version for Desktop v. 7.1  and it will work with Skyprivate plugin. Download from or from your account]

Thanks for taking time to read this. These updates were also posted on Twitter, where we also offer support through Direct Messaging. If you want to stay close and updated, please follow us from here:

By the way, how do you like SkyPrivate so far? What do you think about these updates and how should we improve in the future?

Have fun and enjoy making money! ♥

Yours truly,

Nikki Summers


Quick and FREE way to schedule your tweets using



So you have a Twitter account and you want to schedule some tweets. Here is the quick and FREE way to do it:



    • click HELP in the top right corner.


    • cancel the help request itself by clicking the X


    • then click the blue “compose tweet” icon in the top right






, is nominated for “Innovative Web Product of the Year” > Web & Tech 2015 XBIZ Awards

XBIZ Announces Web & Tech Nominees for 2015 XBIZ Awards



XBIZ is pleased to announce the finalist nominees in the web and tech categories for the industry awards event of the year, the 2015 XBIZ Awards, presented by Fleshlight, set for Jan. 15.
For the complete list finalist nominees across all market segments, click here.

 Innovative Web Product of the Year

  • ClickCastX
  • Mediapaas (ComputeNext)
  • ModelCentro
  • MySexyWishList
  • PiggyBankGirls
  • Quick2257 App
  • SkyPrivate
  • Titcoin


The 13th annual awards ceremony, hosted by adult film performer James Deen, will be held inside a cutting-edge special events venue located at L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles, within walking distance to Staples Center, the Los Angeles Convention Center, Nokia Theatre and the Grammy Museum.



October’s SkyPrivate models. Book a Skype shows with them!

Here are October’s hottest

Let’s start with Tyna Charm – Top 3rd model of the month on SkyPrivate. Check out her public profile

On the 2nd place is…

The 1st place goes to… two diamond dollies

And this is not all. You can check on more models

  • Look after the verified ones. They have a blue dot on the avatar;
  • If you search models ready for action right now, look for the green dot on their avatars. Those are online;
  • Keep in mind that the best models will chat only with Premium Members! Become a premium member by adding funds to your account. If you are already a premium member, go straight ahead and add the girls in your Skype contacts list, and just call them on Skype.Don’t forget to


Have fun and enjoy the shows! ♥


MamaRedHot about SkyPrivate on

skyoe modelsMamaRedHot is a model on SkyPrivate. She’s been in the Skype shows industry for some time now, so she decided to write a very detailed and useful article about it. She also mentioned and endorse our payment system.

” Then came along!, although still in its infantile stage has changed the way I get paid for Skype shows. is not affiliated with Skype but works in conjunction with it through its plug-in. In a nutshell, you set up a profile, download the plug-in and set a per minute rate. Guests who visit will set up an account with a major credit card and deposit money into their account in order to pay for shows. After they checkout the profiles and choose a model of their liking they can click on a button on your profile page that sends them directly to your Skype. A contact request from someone who found you on does not look any different from a regular Skype request so I always ask someone “how they found me”. If they say then I say great let’s go if not then I send them to my profile. Now the member can video call you and it charges them per minute for the show (see details about how the plug-in works on their FAQ page). For payout from you can choose from several options. There are tons more details about and if you are interested there are several threads posted and there is also a rep here on Wecamgirls that can answer any questions you may have. Personally I have had nothing but success with them, their rates are fair, and support has been fantastic.”

We recommend the entire article on for all the models who are doing Skype shows, especially the ones who are at the beginning.

Thank you, MamaRedHot for all the information and support!