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The #1 Reason Why You Don’t Have Your Own Group of Regular Members Yet

The #1 Reason Why You Haven’t Managed to Build a Loyal Following of Regulars Yet

You keep hearing of all these other SkyPrivate models who have their solid groups of regular members.

And you do know how important having regulars is: 80% of a model’s money comes from 20% of her members.

From those truly loyal ones. Her own little fanbase…

So, how do they do it?

And why haven’t you managed to build your own loyal following of regulars yet?

But maybe you’re not asking yourself the right question. A better one would be:

“Have I shown them enough… respect?”


Let me detail:

1. When You Show Up, Regularly, You Build Trust

And it’s trust that opens the wallets on the long-run, not long sexy legs or beautiful, round breasts or a bubbly personality.

Just think about it:

Would you still follow your favorite trainer and subscribe to her/his fitness program if he/she would show up online only now and then? If she/he had no consideration for your own time and schedule whatsoever?

“Men want to be respected more than loved” (quoting Nikki Night in a YNOT Summit session)

Just being there, online, on SkyPrivate — maybe not daily, but regularly — is an almost too simple tactic. One that you could easily underestimate.

Yet, it’s the most powerful one.

If your members see you there, at the same hours, same days of the week, for days, weeks, months on end… they’ll subconsciously get to trust you and:

  • check out your profile in the first place
  • turn into your regulars because they trust you

They can stay assured that they’ll find you online next time, too, at pretty much the same hour.

For you can’t beat the power of familiarity.

And once they’ve made their choice (they chose you over all the other… 30K+ models on SkyPrivate) they’ll stick to it and repeat it.

Unless you don’t show up and lose their trust.

Think about it for a second:

You, too, have grown into a regular customer of certain brands over the years. And this happened both due to the quality of their services AND because you’ve come to trust them, right?

Because they’re reliable

It’s the same with your members.

2. Keep Your Word And They’ll Remember You

“It’s not really a big thing, but I always appreciate it when a model says the approximate timeframe in which she will BRB, and does that.” (source:

OK, he referred to models performing on freemium cam sites, but you get the point. Keep your word, whether that means to:

  • log in at the hour you agreed with your members, in the chat, that you’d be online
  • show up on time for your prepaid shows
  • perform the type of shows you promised them you’d perform

See? Nothing out of the ordinary.

But it’s small things like this, when you “forget” what you promise, that discourage a first-time customer from (ever) turning into a regular.

“Your fans can adore you, but they also have their own schedules.” (source: YNOT Summit)

3. Take Notes and You’ll Slowly Turn them into Regular Members

I mean, this is the minimum of respect you can show your members: not to mix up the personal details they share with you.

This Is The #1 Reason Why You Don’t Have Your Own Group of Regular Members Yet

For then it’d be almost like you were in an intimate moment with your own mister Handsome and he calls you… by the name of another girl. Not cool.

The freaking simple solution to this? Take notes!

Excel sheets, the Notes app on your phone, sticky notes, you name it. Write down anything that:

  • you could bring up in your next 1-on-1 with him to show him that you remember that… he has a dog named Rhino and his favorite sport is hockey, not baseball
  • you’ll want to keep at hand to save you from embarrassing situations where you risk messing up members’ personal information

Final Tip: Just Put Yourself In Their Shoes

This is the easiest way to really see just how important it is to show your members respect.

This Is The #1 Reason Why You Don’t Have Your Own Group of Regular Members Yet

To show them respect before you show them that you’re non-judgemental when it comes to their fetishes, that you love to please them, that you…

So, just think about it for a second:

  • you, too, don’t want to lose your money on something that’s not worth it, right?
  • you, too, don’t like to be cheated/frauded
  • you, too, work your ass off for your money
  • you, too, have to deal with sh*tty members

So do they. They, too, might have horrible bosses or terrible customers of their own at work.

“I thought about this a lot and while you usually come from the “other” side in terms of respect, meaning respect payed to the model by the members, the other direction is also true… And it might be easy to forget that there are also those who reflect more and are not interested to hurt anyone or be verbally abusive. Being professional as a model also means IMO to be able to differentiate between those two groups of members. 

So basically I like models who respect me.” (source:

A little empathy is enough to subconsciously stop you from doing something that you, in return, wouldn’t like them to do to you.

Such as not giving a damn whether they hope/expect that you’d be online.

In short, just be there, regularly, show your members that you respect them and you’ll get there. You’ll build your own group of regular members.

The END!

Your turn now:

What do you think of this too obvious “secret” of all those models with solid communities of regulars?

Do you think it would work if you incorporated it into your own strategy as a SkyPrivate model?

Do you find it too common? Ineffective?

Let’s start a debate in the comments below!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio, Kelly Sikkema, and Raphael Renter.

How to Get the Spark Back to a Relationship with One of Your Regulars: 7 Tips

How to Get the Spark Back to a Stale Relationship with a One of Your Regulars: 7 Tips

He’s been one of your regulars for so long that your weekly Skype sessions used to be as predictable as… the sun rising.

“Used to be”, that’s right. Since for some time now he’s been calling you less and less often. And your 1-on-1’s have become shorter and less… intense.

Where did it all go?

For you two used to bond just perfectly. It was clear that there was more to your relationship than… boobies and dirty talk.

And, most importantly: how can you get that spark back?

We’re here to help! Here are 7 simple ways that you can… rekindle the fire between you and him.

1. Pause Your Lovense for More… Chit Chatting

“…of the models I’ve stopped watching, reasons are… changing in format from social interaction to Lovense focused masturbation show. I still prefer the social aspect. Discussions, joking around, teasing.”

Now’s the right time to be honest with yourself: evaluate your performance and run an audit of all the aspects you could improve.

Like, for instance, no longer trading those long chats you used to have for… masturbation marathons. Maybe it’s because of those long, fun talks that he’s become one of your regulars in the first place.

Could you have become obsessed with putting on the hottest Lovense shows for him that you’ve started to care less about the fun you two had just… talking?

OK, you wanted to spice up your Skype meetings. But, is there a chance that you might have gone a little bit… overboard with that?

Could you have started to focus more on your steamy performance and less on the… man in the audience?

“Watching a woman play with her lovense can be fun, but it’s the same thing every time and simply put – that’s boring and repetitive.” (source:

Engage him in longer talks for a change and… see how it goes.

2. Get Creative: Experiment New Things on Your One-on-Ones

Have you been camming from your boudoir-like bedroom since… forever?

Maybe it’s time to change the setting. How about a… cabin in the mountains for a change?

Book a room over one weekend and invite your regular member to join you there… virtually. It’d be like your escapade. A retreat for two, far from the mad world.

And this is just an example. There are so many ways that you could surprise him with: just think outside the box.

Outside the pattern you’ve been following when putting together your Skype shows.

Go for a… bubble bath show instead of the same ol’ same ol’ self-teasing in your king-size bed. Or for a show somewhere… outdoors.

Speaking of which…

3. Put That Special Show He’s Been Craving for So Long

Maybe he’s been asking you if you could… bring another model to your Skype 1-on-1s. Or if you could play a specific role that was not initially listed in your menu.
How to Get the Spark Back to a Stale Relationship with a One of Your Regulars: 7 Tips

Or did he ask you, at some point in the past, if you could make one of his most secret fantasies come true but… you weren’t ready for it yet?

How about now?

4. Surprise Him with a Special Event Show

And you could go beyond the quite predictable birthday shows (although that’s something that never gets old😉).

Look for other special days, like the… National 69 Day, for instance (just a random example).

On this day, you could treat him with a Skype show starring you and… one of your cam girl BBFs.

Or maybe you’re thinking about surprising him with a thematic show on Star Wars Day (if you know for a fact that he is, indeed, a Star Wars fan).

Just get creative, dust your current show, and take the monotony out of the picture.

5. Stop Taking Yourself too Seriously: Funny Wins Every Time

Here’s a possible scenario:

That regular member you’re trying to (re)seduce has, at some point, started to grow a bit… bored with the “sophisticated seductress” role you’ve been playing since you two started to meet on Skype. And you missed that… moment.

How to Get the Spark Back to a Stale Relationship with a One of Your Regulars: 7 Tips
He might be looking for a fun and bubbly sexy babe, to cheer him up instead, at this point in his life.

So, just step out of your role of an all-too-serious, too cool, too… badass femme fatale and loosen up. A bubbly girl next door, that’s fun to hang out with, that’s what he might need right now.

Just add a joke or two (dirty or not) to your “repertoire” for a change and… see how it goes.

6. Don’t Become Too Familiar

“Say… what? I shouldn’t be too familiar if I want to rebond with a regular?” you might ask yourself.

Just like in a long-term relationship, you don’t even notice when you start to… let yourself go. In this case, to lower your standards of quality for your shows and stop putting in the same effort as in the beginning.

And it shows. He sees it and he senses it.

“… start to be TOO FAMILIAR. think it’s ok to do less or waste more time in a show because, ‘we’re cool right?”

In other words:

Stick to your work ethic (the biggest mistake you could make is to become a schedule flake). Always give your best effort, even if it’s your… 57th session with him.

For there’s nothing that puts out the “flame” quicker than the feeling that… you’re no longer worth the effort.

7. Spoil Him With Custom Content

Did he say anything about a deep fantasy he’s always had?

Now, if you want to really blow him away (and bring that spark back), you could surprise him with a custom video instead of a live session.

You can always use “tips” as a payment method for custom videos.

This way, he can watch it over and over again, and feel like the directory of his own steamy hot video. One starring his favorite model playing precisely that secret fantasy he’s been having for such a long time.

The END!

What do you say now: which of these pieces of advice do you plan to test first?

Let us know in the comments!

Photos by Victor Gomes, Sharon McCutcheon, and Cleyton Ewerton.