From Scroll to… Call: 5 Types of Photos to Add to Your Profile

“I’m soo fuckin bored of studio girls. With their perfect lighting, perfect sound, sitting around in designer lingerie, in rooms that look like they are waiting to see their dentist. I want a cute model, broadcasting honestly from her own bed. That is maybe a bit horny!”

And could you disagree?

I mean, of course, enjoying a live Skype session with a gorgeous babe is like a fantasy come true.

But choosing to go on a Skype call with a model instead of a private chat room on a cam site means that you’re expecting a more personal camming experience.

In short: it’s like taking an out-of-this-world babe home instead of letting her take you to her room.

SkyPrivate members want to be stunned, but they also expect to feel connected.

And perfection — perfect studio lighting, perfect poses — doesn’t help you build a connection with them.

For pixel-perfect, professional photos don’t reflect… you, the one behind the camera. The one that members could connect with and eventually grow addicted to.

“OK, but how on earth do I get to be this out-of-this-world Goddess and a kinky girl-next-door babe at the same time?” you ask yourself.

You mix the types of photos that you upload on your profile page.

Let me give you just a few tips on how you can pull off the perfect combo:

1. Add Some Sexy Pictures of You… at Home

As a member, you might get struck by gorgeous models flaunting their perfect bodies in professional photos.

Or in breathtaking outdoor settings, freezing in their sexy lingeries to strike the perfect poses.

But you start to feel a bit closer to a hot babe in her own bedroom.

Or in her own kitchen, looking all-natural and sexy-cute in her white t-shirt and panties.

There’s a voyeur inside all of us. How about you lure the one in your own customers?

See my point?

You’ll want to juggle with studio pictures and sexy pictures taken at your place.

For nothing speaks louder of your personality than your home/room. So, how about giving them a glimpse of the real you?

It’ll make the perfect tease, you’ll see.

2. Go for Pics that Show Your Hobbies and Interests

“Make sure you upload only real pictures of yourself (avatar and public profile) that reflect your personality…” (source: How does the ranking system work?)

Now, if you want to “infuse” even more personality into your profile page, you need to consider showcasing some of your hobbies in the photos that you upload.

Remember: it’s personality that connects and turns members into your loyal supporters!

Do you love video games or maybe you’re a work-out addict?

Or maybe you love to cook or to travel and your fridge is covered with magnets from all the places you’ve been to.

Show it in some of your profile pictures.

A sexy cook or a naughty-geeky gamer makes a far better preview of the type of connection members would get if they called you on Skype than a pixel-perfect picture of an inaccessibly hot version of you.

3. Throw in a Selfie Or Two

Selfies come across as spontaneous and somehow… genuine.

And they help you leave that strong impression that you’ve taken them for that specific viewer.

Go for a selfie in your bathroom mirror, after a hot shower. Or take a selfie when you look irresistibly fresh sipping on your morning coffee.

It will come much closer to the idea of an invitation over to your place than a picture of you striking an impossible pose, with several spotlights on you. And with at least one invisible photographer standing between you and the viewer/member…

4. Wear a Sexy Smile, for a Change

I know, the look of a bossy Goddess, of the unapproachable femme fatale and ultra-seductive “maneater” still rocks supreme.

But how about standing out from the crowd of the all-too-serious, “can’t touch this” model stereotypes?

“gorgeous and amazing. But most girls here are usually. But what’s unique about her is that she is really fun to talk to too. Dream Girl!!!!” (a SkyPrivate member’s review)

A flirty smile is still more inviting than an “all-too-serious, hot, but inaccessible” diva look.

And you do want them to call you and not just to fantasize about you while scrolling through your perfect pictures, don’t you?

So, how about sprinkling some pictures of you smiling on your profile page? Sexy flirty smile or friendly cute smile, it’s your choice…

5. Add Some Studio Quality Photos, as Well

For you can’t deliver the “too-hot-to-handle, but approachable” fantasy if you bid on “girl next door” pics only, right?

Striking the perfect balance between “the ultimate babe” and the “sexy chick that’s fun to hang around with” is key here.

So, you’ll need to add some high-quality, professional photos, as well, to leave them… jaw-dropped. To stun them before you connect with them.

The END!

Now, time to get that profile page of yours an eye-catching, yet inviting look! Just start juggling with pixel-perfect and more natural pics of you.


Which Category Should You Choose: BDSM, GFE… Regular?

Which Category Is Right for You: BDSM, GFE… Regular?

Are you dealing with a “paradox of choice” type of situation?

Girlfriend experience, non-adult, regular… BDSM: which category on SkyPrivate works best for you?

Which one is more likely to help you develop stronger relationships with your members and turn them into your regulars?

For that’s the right type of question you should ask yourself and not: “Which category is in high demand right now?”

Well, this is exactly what this post is all about:

A 6-step guide that’ll help you narrow down your choices and identify the best category for you. For your long-term goal: building deeper connections with your members.

1. Start by Observing Other Models, from Each Category

This is one of those tried-and-tested techniques that never gets old.

Make a list of, say, top 10 models (or more) from each category and scan through their profiles.

What type of pictures do domina babes have on their pages? What kind of videos do the models offering girlfriend experience usually post on their profile pages?

How about their bios? What do they sound like?

2. Ask Yourself This…

Keep questioning yourself:

  • “Could I comfortably act out this fetish roleplay?”
  • “Will I be able to do it for a long time from now on?”
  • “Is it believable to me?”
  • “Is it a role that I’ve always wanted to act out?”

For maybe you’re a friendly and bubbly person in your real-life, but in your fantasies, you’re this sarcastic and cynical… bossy Cruella.

Which Category Is Right for You: BDSM, GFE… Regular?

In other words, maybe you’ve always had some secret fetish roleplay that you wanted to explore.

Learn about the different types of categories on SkyPrivate and the particular skills they require. And about… yourself:

What are you naturally drawn to?

What resonates better with your personality? 

3. Choose a Category That’s An Extension of Who You Are

“Your persona should never be a completely different person – merely an extension of who you are.” (source:

And I’d add here that:

Your persona should be either an extension of who you are or who you’d like to be.

It’s one or the other.

For yes, you can “fake it will you make it”, but eventually it’ll show…

And you do have a plan more solid than the usual “I’ll get rich in 6 months then… I’ll see what happens“, right?

The key here is to:

  • be believable
  • be able to remain loyal to the category you will have selected

… if you want to build strong relationships with your members and retain your regulars.

4. Be Aware of The Less Obvious Aspects of Each Category

For instance, providing GFE is not all about simulating a boyfriend-girlfriend date on Skype. Where you put on the role of a sexy, yet approachable “girl next door” and you act all too flirty, but friendly.

Your customers will expect you to connect with them on an emotional level, as well.

Which Category Is Right for You: BDSM, GFE… Regular?

So that they feel confident and comfortable enough to share their own emotions and feelings with you. If not, what’s the point of having a girlfriend, even if a virtual one, right?

They’ll expect you to treat them as an important part of your life. Can you deliver that fantasy, as well?

Just take your time to ponder on it for a while…

Be sure you’re fully informed of all the less obvious aspects that each fetish roleplay involves before you make a decision.

Don’t just… dive in.

5. Remain Consistent to Keep Your Regular Members

And I’ve already insisted on how important it is to be consistent in a previous blog post, the one on building a personal brand as a cam girl.

But I’ll keep point this out as many times as needed because it’s critical:

Changing your category too many times won’t get you too far.

For 2 main reasons:


  1. You might act out all these roleplays (girlfriend, cruel mistress, sexy wife, naughty girl next door) and play them remarkably well, but there’s only one where you excel
  2. Members visit your profile and call you on Skype because you’re delivering a certain fantasy they have a thing for; if you change your category you… lose them

You lose the chance to turn them into regulars and you also risk looking less believable to new members.

6. Remember: Each Member Expects a Unique Experience from You!

No matter which category you’ll end up choosing…

So, you’ll want to stay away from rigid formulas like:

“If I choose BDSM, I just check “bossy attitude”, “black leather bodysuit”, “impossibly high heels” and maybe a “whip” off the list and… I’m good to go.”

Every one of your Members is different and will come to you with different expectations.

“Expectations” that might not be standard for that particular category that you will have chosen for yourself.

Each of them will expect a unique, ultra-personalized experience with you.

So, no matter the category that you’ll choose, always leave room to add some of your true personality to those roleplay-fetish skills of yours.

To make the experiences more real and truly intimate. Designed specifically for them, on the spot, adapted to their unique kinks and preferences.

And this might mean playing the role of a dominant… girlfriend.

Or dressing up as a mistress to deliver a “vanilla” type of cam experience. Without the bossing around and other predictable stuff a domina would do.

The END!

A bit clearer now how you can trim down your options? So that you pick that category that will enable you to build your community of loyal members?

The one that’ll help you make the most of your efforts as a cam model on SkyPrivate?

Whether it’s a yes or a “not really”, feel free to let us know in the comments!



8 Ways to Engage Your Members: How to Increase Your Call Duration

8 Ways to Engage Your Members: How to Increase Your Call Duration

“When people take me private, more often than not they sign off after just a few minutes! This makes me feel self-conscious, like my shows might not be good…”

Does this sound (all too) familiar to you?

You barely get the time to strip off that your customers sign off.

Then, you keep reading about all these other cam girls who have 20-30 min. long Skype calls (or longer). How do they do that?

How is that even possible? And what is it that you’re doing wrong?

Disclaimer: you’re not doing anything “wrong”! You just need to improve the way you approach your customers a little bit.

This pretty much comes down to one crucial thing: you need to get to know your members (really) well!

And how do you get to do that? Here are 8 simple techniques you can use:

1. Take a Good Look at Them and Their Surroundings

Cam2cam private sessions are “gold” for you when it comes to getting to know your members. Especially when you’re dealing with someone who’s… not much of a talker.

Look at them and employ a little human psychology:

  • How are they dressed?
  • What facial expressions do they have at different moments during the call (do they look shocked when they see you take out that huge dildo or rather… eager?)
  • Do they keep eye contact with you or look at your boobies at all times?
  • What haircuts do they have: a stylish one or a retro, “was cool back in the 80s” kind of haircut?

Next, do your best to get as many clues as you can from the backdrops:

  • a basement-like gloomy room decor (introvert guy there!) or maybe you see a shelf with lots of… board games?
  • a collection of toy cars or maybe there’s a… baseball glove hung there, on the wall?
  • a messy room or a super neat one (OCD alert!)?

2. Pay Attention to Them

And I can’t stress this enough. If you want to get to know your customers:

  • leave your phone in another room (or at least put it on silent mode)
  • don’t stream on multiple cam sites at the same time (there’s no way that you’ll build relationships with them like that; they’ll know you’re not giving them your full attention)
  • keep all distractions away (TV, loud music, etc.) when you’re in a one-on-one session with a customer

The more you let your senses (hearing and sight) distracted by other stimuli, the fewer chances you’ll have to pick up on those hints that your members are giving you.

“Hints” that will help you to get to know them better.

Like the fact that there’s a dog, his dog, barking in the backyard, but… too bad that your music is too loud to hear it.

3. Ask Them Their Names

And make sure you remember them!

OK, maybe there are some exceptions and some of your customers do like it when you call them by generic names like “honey”, “sweetheart” or “sweetie”…

But most of them like it when you’re both sexy and… personable. And there’s no easier way to be personable than by calling them by their names.

Give them your first name, too, if you feel comfortable.

Pro Tip! Never ever start your Skype shows naked!

Why would anyone want to pay a fancy restaurant the full price if they often give out free meals?

4. Remember the Details About Your Customers

And I’m not talking about their names here, but about details from your previous 1-on-1 sessions like:

  • their preferences (did they say they’d want you to lay back or that they get rock hard seeing you in a doggy position?)
  • the topics you chatted about: the upcoming NBA season, his/your pet, favorite movies… the weather

If you want long(er) privates, you need to provide your customers personalized experiences.

And you sure can’t personalize your steamy sessions on Skype if you keep asking them the same questions over and over again:

  • “How do you want me, daddy?”
  • “What do you do for a living?”

… that they’ve already answered to.

Or if you keep wearing red lingerie when they specifically asked you to wear… black one the last time you met online.

8 Ways to Engage Your Members: How to Increase Your Call Duration

5. Chat With Them on Skype Before You Go Live

Another handy way of getting to know your customers is to have a quick chat with them before you go live on cam.

This way, without the pressure of the clock ticking and the money going out of their SkyPrivate member accounts, they’ll be more open and at ease to chat with you.

Ask them a few questions in the chat window before you start the live session:

  • what fetishes are they into (did they already choose something from your “menu” or are they into something else, that you could offer them?)?
  • do your best to pick up on the clues they give you right at this point of your meeting: are they “shy typers”, are they into roleplay/domination, or rather into… chatting and “getting to know each other better”?

This way, you’ll know how to approach them when going live so that:

  • you’re not too shockingly open about your sexuality if they were expecting to see more of a naughty “girl next door” type of model 
  • you don’t annoy them and bore them by acting all “I’m here to listen” and “What kind of show would you like to see?” if they had hoped to meet a hot babe who would… boss them around.

6. Surprise Them with Out of the Box Questions

Instead of sounding like a call center robot who keeps asking the same standard questions:

  • “How are you today?”
  • “How was your day?”
  • “Where are you from?”
  • “What would you want me to do?”

… try asking them some out-of-the-box questions for a change. 

Be creative and be relevant.

8 Ways to Engage Your Members: How to Increase Your Call Duration

What clues do you see there in the background? Any fitness equipment or plants or… an aquarium? Or maybe a CD collection?

What does his accent tell you about him? How about the clothes he’s wearing?

As he answers, do your best to keep the conversation going…

Pro Tip! Slow it down, interact with your customers; that’s the only way you’ll get to know them.

For, if you strip, masturbate, and orgasm in the first 60 seconds, why should you expect your private sessions to last any longer than… 60 seconds?

7. Engage Your Customers with Open-Ended Questions

Instead of the Yes/No questions like:

  • “Do you want me laying on the bad here or standing?”
  • “Are you single or married?”

… try challenging them to give you longer answers and to engage with you in conversations.

Here are just 2 possible open-ended questions you could ask them:

  • “How do you like it when I touch it like this?”
  • “What part of my body turns you on?”

8. Interact with Them on Social Media

This is another way of getting to know them without the “charge by the minute” pressure.

Interact with your members even when you’re not performing on cam and do your best to build relationships with them.

Pro Tip! Always strive to turn your customers into regulars.

The stronger the relationships you develop with your members, the higher your earnings.

And you can’t build and grow those relationships if you don’t know them well enough to keep them engaged.

The END!

Are there any other techniques that you use to get to know your customers that you feel like sharing?

Or maybe you don’t really find some of these 8 tips that I’ve put in the spotlight here, all that efficient?

Feel free to share your suggestions/thoughts in the comments down below! 

What Makes You Different? 6 Tips for Building Your Brand as a Cam Model

Building Your Brand as a Cam Girl: What Makes You Unique?

What makes you so special, anyway?

Maybe when your camera’s off you’re a geeky gamer girl, who’s watched all the Star Wars movies (at least) 3 times. Or a people-person, sunny, and chatty: you get along with everyone.

Or maybe you’re the non-conformist and the adventurer type: hikes, motorcycles, backpacking in SouthEast Asia… rain boots at fancy cocktail parties.

Don’t know what makes you different?

Then we have a teeny tiny problem…

For you can’t build yourself a unique brand as a cam Model if you don’t identify what it is that makes you unique.

And that because big booty, long legs, sexy curves… don’t cut it anymore. Almost all cam girls have that. That’s not what will help you connect with your customers. What will turn them into your regulars.

Instead, showing them your human side, stepping away from the “generic” cam Model stereotype, will.

So, here are 6 effective tricks that you can use to discover what’s special about you. Those things that make you stand out from the crowd of cam girls:

1. Take the Quiz

The Jungian archetype quiz, I mean.

And I do confess: I knew about this test but hadn’t thought about this particular use case till I watched Model Boot Camp at the YNOT Summit.

Archetypes, Carl Jung, psychology…. it all sounds way fancier than it is. So, let’s sum it up:

Here are 2 possible scenarios you’ll face:

A. Are you the “Lover” (arche)type?

Then it will come naturally to you to have a higher level of intimacy with your customers. To bid on sensuality and femininity, to appeal to their senses.

Work that angle, for that is… you.

Think various shades of red, satin lingerie, silk robes… heavy velvet curtains, red lips… an empathetic and soothing voice tone.

What Makes You Different? 6 Tips for Building Your Brand as a Cam Model

You’ll rock at making your customers feel like they’ve just slipped into a cozy bedroom after a hard day of work. A sensual and tender beauty is looking after them, pouring them a glass of wine, getting all their senses tingling, and calming their nerves…

B. Are you the “Jester” type?

Are you fun to be around and positive, a ray of sunshine for everyone around you?

Then you definitely want to bring that out.

What Makes You Different? 6 Tips for Building Your Brand as a Cam Model

Reflect it in that funny framed quote on the wall in your room. In your bubbly way of telling jokes, in your playful way of approaching your customers.

They’re in your room and they will keep coming in for a good laugh, among other things…

So, just give them that… your way.

2. Ask a Friend… Or Two

How will you attract customers and make them stay for the long haul? Ask your closest friends: what was it that made them want to know you better?

What Makes You Different? 6 Tips for Building Your Brand as a Cam Model

Was it:

  • your energy: it draws people to you, like a magnet
  • your empathy: you’re a very good listener
  • your creativity/originality: you’re inspirational, encouraging everyone around you to pursue their originality

Now, can you explore and exploit that “people-magnet” in you to attract customers to your room? And to keep them coming back?

3. Indulge in a Little Introspection

“Just be yourself!” Doesn’t this line drive you crazy?

What does it mean? How is your true self, more exactly?

Now, here are some questions to help you bring up those unique things about you that you’ll want to make the most when building your brand as a cam Model:

  • What do you love to do most when you’re not camming (OK, besides catching up on sleep)?
  • What are those 3 things that you’d take with you on a desert island?
  • What people do you admire the most? What do they have in common?

Keep in mind: almost any cam Model can be a Domina, a girl next door, or a femme fatale. But only you can be… you!

4. Describe Yourself in a Tweet

140 characters at most!

The word limit should help you filter through the less relevant details, so you get to the core of what makes you special.

OK, now what?

2 Things to Keep in Mind When Growing Into a Brand:

5. Be Authentic

Let’s say you’ve taken that quiz I was telling you about and it turns out your leading archetype is the “Innocent” one.

Your friends and family have confirmed that yes, they see you as a feel-good spirit, happy kiddo. One who encourages everyone to be who they truly are.

What Makes You Different? 6 Tips for Building Your Brand as a Cam Model

Yet, you decide to build your brand — your tagline, your imagery, your room decor, your teaser texts, your kinks, etc. — around the persona of a cold-hearted bitch. Or around that of a dark, goth-like alt model.

Not a wise decision in the long term.

Here’s why:

  • if your customers don’t trust you, why would they stick with you?
  • when you build your brand around that thing that makes you unique, your type of customers will want to connect with you: you give them clues of what makes you tick
  • by being true to yourself, it will be easier for you to remain consistent with your brand over time

Which brings us to:

6. Be Consistent

And this goes without saying: your brand as a cam Model is nothing without consistency.

Stick to the same tone: friendly and easy-going, bossy and authoritative, flirty and playful or sensual and soothing, etc.

For you don’t want to confuse your regulars by jumping from that adventurous and fierce image that you’ve got them used to, to that of a… naughty Lolita, now do you?

Building and nurturing relationships with your customers is all about trust.

And you can’t deliver trust if you don’t stick to your elements of brand consistency throughout everything that you do.

Is it a bit more clear now what path to take to discover what makes you different and work on that angle? Then, we’re just a bit curious now: what’s your archetype?

Feel free to share it in the comments!