From Scroll to… Call: 5 Types of Photos to Add to Your Profile

“I’m soo fuckin bored of studio girls. With their perfect lighting, perfect sound, sitting around in designer lingerie, in rooms that look like they are waiting to see their dentist. I want a cute model, broadcasting honestly from her own bed. That is maybe a bit horny!”

And could you disagree?

I mean, of course, enjoying a live Skype session with a gorgeous babe is like a fantasy come true.

But choosing to go on a Skype call with a model instead of a private chat room on a cam site means that you’re expecting a more personal camming experience.

In short: it’s like taking an out-of-this-world babe home instead of letting her take you to her room.

SkyPrivate members want to be stunned, but they also expect to feel connected.

And perfection — perfect studio lighting, perfect poses — doesn’t help you build a connection with them.

For pixel-perfect, professional photos don’t reflect… you, the one behind the camera. The one that members could connect with and eventually grow addicted to.

“OK, but how on earth do I get to be this out-of-this-world Goddess and a kinky girl-next-door babe at the same time?” you ask yourself.

You mix the types of photos that you upload on your profile page.

Let me give you just a few tips on how you can pull off the perfect combo:

1. Add Some Sexy Pictures of You… at Home

As a member, you might get struck by gorgeous models flaunting their perfect bodies in professional photos.

Or in breathtaking outdoor settings, freezing in their sexy lingeries to strike the perfect poses.

But you start to feel a bit closer to a hot babe in her own bedroom.

Or in her own kitchen, looking all-natural and sexy-cute in her white t-shirt and panties.

There’s a voyeur inside all of us. How about you lure the one in your own customers?

See my point?

You’ll want to juggle with studio pictures and sexy pictures taken at your place.

For nothing speaks louder of your personality than your home/room. So, how about giving them a glimpse of the real you?

It’ll make the perfect tease, you’ll see.

2. Go for Pics that Show Your Hobbies and Interests

“Make sure you upload only real pictures of yourself (avatar and public profile) that reflect your personality…” (source: How does the ranking system work?)

Now, if you want to “infuse” even more personality into your profile page, you need to consider showcasing some of your hobbies in the photos that you upload.

Remember: it’s personality that connects and turns members into your loyal supporters!

Do you love video games or maybe you’re a work-out addict?

Or maybe you love to cook or to travel and your fridge is covered with magnets from all the places you’ve been to.

Show it in some of your profile pictures.

A sexy cook or a naughty-geeky gamer makes a far better preview of the type of connection members would get if they called you on Skype than a pixel-perfect picture of an inaccessibly hot version of you.

3. Throw in a Selfie Or Two

Selfies come across as spontaneous and somehow… genuine.

And they help you leave that strong impression that you’ve taken them for that specific viewer.

Go for a selfie in your bathroom mirror, after a hot shower. Or take a selfie when you look irresistibly fresh sipping on your morning coffee.

It will come much closer to the idea of an invitation over to your place than a picture of you striking an impossible pose, with several spotlights on you. And with at least one invisible photographer standing between you and the viewer/member…

4. Wear a Sexy Smile, for a Change

I know, the look of a bossy Goddess, of the unapproachable femme fatale and ultra-seductive “maneater” still rocks supreme.

But how about standing out from the crowd of the all-too-serious, “can’t touch this” model stereotypes?

“gorgeous and amazing. But most girls here are usually. But what’s unique about her is that she is really fun to talk to too. Dream Girl!!!!” (a SkyPrivate member’s review)

A flirty smile is still more inviting than an “all-too-serious, hot, but inaccessible” diva look.

And you do want them to call you and not just to fantasize about you while scrolling through your perfect pictures, don’t you?

So, how about sprinkling some pictures of you smiling on your profile page? Sexy flirty smile or friendly cute smile, it’s your choice…

5. Add Some Studio Quality Photos, as Well

For you can’t deliver the “too-hot-to-handle, but approachable” fantasy if you bid on “girl next door” pics only, right?

Striking the perfect balance between “the ultimate babe” and the “sexy chick that’s fun to hang around with” is key here.

So, you’ll need to add some high-quality, professional photos, as well, to leave them… jaw-dropped. To stun them before you connect with them.

The END!

Now, time to get that profile page of yours an eye-catching, yet inviting look! Just start juggling with pixel-perfect and more natural pics of you.


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