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Why You’ll Want to Get Yourself on the “Promoted Models” List: 6 Main Reasons

Just imagine: the first thing that members see when they land on the Profiles page is your avatar!

You’re right there, at the very top of the page, all eyes on you…

No need to imagine it, actually: you can just use the new feature in your model account — Promoted positions — and get yourself at the top of the Profiles page.

Both on SkyPrivate and on our affiliates’ websites.

It’s super simple: just follow the 5 easy steps explained here to activate your bidding and you’re good to go.

Still a bit skeptical?

Then here are the 6 main reasons why you don’t want to be left out of the Promoted Models list:

1. You Get All the Eyeballs on Your Profile

And the more exposure you have, the more chances you get to turn visitors into your paying customers.

But I’m just stating the obvious here, right?

It’s pretty much like being at the top of Google’s first results page.

2. You Can Be a Promoted Model Even If You’re Just Starting Out on SkyPrivate

Yep, it’s that easy.

No need to meet 101 requirements, to be a registered SkyPrivate model for “X” months, to have “X” profile views per day, or “Y” Skype calls per hour.

You just bid for one of the promoted spots at the top of the Profiles page and… that’s it!

The higher your bid amount, the higher your chances to be one of the few Promoted Models.

It’s the one and only requirement you’ll need to ever worry about.

3. You Get to Pay Less than What You Bid

Let’s say you’re on THE list: you’re one of those Promoted Models on top of the Profiles page.

Did you bid… $40 and the next Model in line bid only $25? Then it’s only $25 that you pay (not your actual bid amount).

So, you pay what the next model in the hierarchy has bid.

In other words, you pay less than what you bid.

Note! If both you and the next model in line bid… $40, let’s say, you pay $40.

In short, you pay the amount that the next model in line bids, whether it’s smaller or the same as yours.

To sum up: you always stand high chances to pay less than what you bid.

Unlike with the bidding on other cam sites, where you have zero chance to pay anything less than your actual bid amount.

4. You Can Update Your Bid at Any Time and Secure Your Top Spot

Don’t worry if your bidding position gets worse: you can update your bid any time during the 24-hour bidding process.

So, there’s no risk, no lucky guessing, no… bidding “blindfolded”.

You can keep an eye on your bidding position and bump it up any time until the daily bidding ends.

The only thing you need to do to secure your spot among the Promoted Models at the top of the page is to monitor the changes on the leaderboard.

5. You Make Your Profile Stand Out from the Crowd

Your profile will be one of the very few ones wearing a “Promoted” red ribbon. One that will set it apart from the rest of the profiles and grab members’ attention.

So, do you want your profile to stand out or to… get lost in the huge crowd of sexy avatars on SkyPrivate?

6. You’ll Be One of the Promoted Models on SkyPrivate (Usually no More Than 10)

Just think about it: there are 30.000+ models on SkyPrivate and usually no more than 10 “Promoted Models” on the Profiles page.

Members would see your profile pictures before the other… 29.999+ models’ own profile pictures.

Do you see the type of exposure you’d be missing out on?

It’s The Easiest Way to Get Your Profile into the Spotlight And Keep It There

All you have to do is just bid for one of the top spots on the page to get your model profile at the top of the page.

And to be consistent and persevering with your bidding to secure your spot there.

That’s it.

It’s the surest and quickest way to make sure that members will see your profile picture before those of all the other… 29.999+ models on SkyPrivate.

It’s up to you now: you either push your profile right at the top and keep it there.

Or you just… leave it lingering where it’s now.

If you do not want to wait in line anymore, just follow the quick steps here and claim your top spot on the page!

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay