If You’re To Use a Translator, Use It Wisely! Our Top 5 Recommendations

“As a member I agree with the previous posts. If you explain that you are practicing your english, users will know what to expect. I don’t think I’ve ever seen users react badly if the english isn’t perfect.”

And here’s what another Member says:

“After all, translators are pretty flawed. It’s easy to tell someone’s level of fluency.”

Now, let’s try a little empathy game:

You’re the person on the other side of the screen, the SkyPrivate member. And you can’t wait for a steamy 1-on-1 with this drop-dead gorgeous babe who, moreover, speaks excellent English (at least that’s what she says on her profile page).

At first sight, she looks just like a sexy girl next door that’s fun to hang around with: playful, with a gorgeous smile on her face all the time. A bit shy and monosyllabic, but that’s normal, you assume: you’ve just met.

So, you start talking, encouraged by her big smile and positive attitude. You tell her all about your day, your hobbies, what you hate about the people at work…

You’re so thrilled that you’ve finally found a girl that’s easy to talk to and so hot looking…

She seems to be such a good listener, but… the moment she starts typing or speaking, she says some weird stuff like: “Me to like go to the see at summer.”

Wouldn’t you feel:

  • stupid?
  • frustrated and angry?
  • very disappointed?
  • perplexed? 

You get what I’m trying to tell you here…

Now, enough with the empathy exercise. Let’s get to the point of this blog post.

Here are 5 ways that you’re sabotaging your relationships with your Members and your chances to grow as a cam Model (and to boost your earnings) when you’re not open about using a translator:

1. You Create False Expectations

Just think about it:

You’ve just met a guy on Tinder and he’s just… perfect: great looks, charming personality (judging by all those pictures of him with his lab and his 2 cats), shares the same interests and hobbies as you.

And, the cherry on top: he speaks your language like a native speaker (he had lived in your home country for 5 years, he says).

Then, you two meet…

And, surprise, surprise: Mr. Perfect doesn’t seem to be able to say more than 1-2 phrases in your language: “Thank You” and “You’re beautiful”.

Too bad! You were so ready to ask him things, to tell him all about yourself.

Instead, you’re now like 2 tourists from different countries, none of them speaking the other one’s language. You can only smile and hope the date will be over soon.

You get the point:

If you are being honest about your English skills, your members will come prepared to your steamy date on Skype.

They’ll know they need to use shorter phrases, to speak a bit louder maybe, and to articulate some of the words.

It’s pretty much like going on a date where he says he’s taking you out to dinner:

You get ready, put on your make-up, do your hair, put on that stylish black dress you’ve been dying to wear, choose your glam heels… And he takes you to someone’s kitchen party, in fact.

Where, obviously, you look ridiculously all dressed up compared to the other guests.

When you’re not being transparent about your level of English you make the member feel precisely like that: ridiculous, frustrated, annoyed, and cheated.

And you cut your chances of turning him into one of your regulars down to… zero.

2. You Make Your Members Feel Cheated

Would you date someone who “has” an imaginary Ferrari, that he keeps posting on Instagram, or a guy with a real BMW? Who’s also open about the fact that he’s saving for a Ferrari?

OK, maybe the example here is a bit exaggerated, but you get the point:

Are you using a translator software tool to communicate with your Members and you’re working on improving your English communication skills?

Great! Let them know that, before the call.

“When you’re on camera, you know intuitively that “communication” can be done without words… so much of it will be that way… but don’t hesitate to practice… AND ASK people how to pronounce certain words… (they will find ways to spell the words out for you so you can learn how to say them).”

When you let your members know that yes, you are using a translator app and you’re willing to practice your spoken English, too, you:

  • Help them adjust their communication and requests accordingly and adopt a simpler way of talking to you.
  • Engage them in your learning process.

There’s nothing sexier than a hot babe uttering certain dirty words with a Spanish or a Russian accent.

And there’s nothing more of a turn-on for a member than to step into the shoes of an… English teacher helping a hot cam girl to improve her language skills 

I also figured it was sort of just an accepted fact that not everyone is fluent though, kind of like “hey, you don’t speak my language, but if we can converse well enough and I find you attractive, we’re all set.“

3. You Make the Communication with Them Seem so… Unnatural

And here I’m thinking of those cases when, unsure of your English, you mute your microphone and reduce the entire communication to… typing.

That’s so sterile and impersonal, you have to admit.

No one goes on Skype to just… send text messages to a cam model. Skype is all about closeness and a more personal interaction and the voice plays such an important role here.

Otherwise, he could have gone to a strip club to watch a gorgeous babe get naked, not saying a thing to him, right?

“I thought that even if a model couldn’t speak English, there’d be a mic on, since I figure hearing a voice (even if a language not understood or poor audio quality) is much better than no voice at all, but maybe I’m alone on that opinion. (I like to match a voice to a face instead of me guessing lol)”

4. You’re Not Being Yourself on Cam

Remember we’ve talked about building your brand as a cam model? About the fact that:

“…almost any cam Model can be a Domina, a girl next door, or a femme fatale. But only you can be… you!”

Well, by using a translator software and, even worse, hiding this aspect from a member, you tell him that you’re not comfortable with yourself.

That you’re not being yourself and definitely not having fun while on cam with him.

And you only end up transferring your anxiety to him:

“What you most want to be on a webcam, is yourself… and nothing conveys “I’m comfortable with myself” audibly better than your clear EFFORT at engaging others in a new language.”

Being yourself and here I’d add honest and transparent, too is the surest way you’ll ever build and grow relationships with your customers.

5. You Sabotage Yourself by Sabotaging Other SkyPrivate Models

Imagine this:

The member you’re about to have a Skype call with just had a bad experience with another Model on SkyPrivate. It turns out that she pulled a recorded show scam.

And he discovered it!

Now, how would you react if you were in his shoes? Be honest.

  • Would you take out your frustration on the next model and be all cynical and rude to her, even if it’s not her fault that the other cam girl tricked you?
  • Would you try to… scam her, yourself? Maybe ask for a refund, claiming that she didn’t do something she promised she’d perform during the show…

Since, in your mind, as a cheated member, “they’re all the same, anyway”: manipulative and dishonest.

Now, this is exactly how your decision of:

  • hiding the fact that you’re using a translator to communicate with your members
  • not being transparent about your level of English
  • claiming that you have some mic problems

affects other models here on SkyPrivate, who are being honest about their English skills and the use of a translator software tool.

And it impacts the overall experience Members have on the platform. A bad experience that’ll have a boomerang effect on other potential visitors.

And we, you, we all want traffic, more traffic, constant traffic, right? So, would you risk losing it? Would you trade a long-term relationship with a member for a one-time session?

The END!

Now, I’m curious: what’s your honest opinion about using translator software to communicate with Members?

Do you think it helps, but only in the short term, maybe?

Do you find it risky or… not so much if you do it right? Let’s start a debate in the comments below!


Photos by Artem Podrez and Anna Nekrashevich from Pexels.