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How to Identify Time Wasters: 4 Useful Tips (from our top-earning models)

Do you know a time-waster when you see one?

Not always since you’re reading this blog post.😜

A blog post that started from a question coming from a SkyPrivate model:

“How can u tell who’s just basically wasting your time and wanting free chat and who’s actually serious and wants to go online chat?” (source:

How do you draw the line between being friendly and being too friendly? To the point that you start to sabotage yourself?

How can you be sure you’re not too rigid with a paying member?

In short:

How do you identify time wasters from the very first minutes of conversation?

What clues give them away?

Here are just 4 of them:

1. They Ask Open-Ended Questions

  • “What kind of outfits do you have?”
  • “What kinks are you into?”
  • “What roleplay do you like best?”

And so on. You know where I’m heading to…

I’m talking about the type of questions that clearly point out that:

  • He hasn’t even bothered to read the description on your profile page
  • He‘s trying to trick you into talking about sexy stuff for as long as possible
  • He doesn’t know what he wants

“I can’t tell if these guys just need a lot of hand holding to make it happen, or if they’re just getting their rocks off by just talking to me and don’t plan to actually do the show.”  (source:“

On the other hand, a member who does know what he wants will ask you yes/no questions most of the time:

  • Do you masturbate in your shows?
  • Do you have toy X?
  • Can you do Y?

2. How to Identify Time Wasters: They Ask These Types of Questions…

  • “I like satin panties. What kind of panties do you own?”
  • “What do you do in a live show?”
  • “What’s the most annoying customer you’ve ever had?”
  • “What’s the weirdest request you’ve ever got?”
  • “What heels do you own?”

They ask open-ended questions and any type of questions that trick you into sharing an experience/memory with them.

Don’t fall for that!

“It’s a fine line to walk/ balance between being friendly, but not too friendly. These time-wasters can be friendly, but ultimately completely sabotage your business, if you entertain them too much.” (source:

3. They Drag You Into Endless Chit-Chatting

“I desperately want to use the phrase “shit or get off the pot” in here somewhere, but a model that orders someone to metaphorically shit might get taken literally!” (source:

How do you identify time wasters?

They’re those members who try to get you into dirty talking and never-ending chatting in the free chat.

You know them, those who don’t seem to get to the point even after 10/15 minutes.


  • “Where u from btw?”
  • “Do you have a boyfriend?”
  • “Is he Russian/American/Colombian?”
  • “Do you have a strap on? Is it big? Is it white? Is it black? Would you use it to…?”

… type. You get the idea.

These are clear hints that you’re dealing with a big chatter (aka freeloader).

4. They Haven’t Read Even 10% of the Description on Your Profile

Does he ask you if you’d be his virtual girlfriend even though it says right there, on your profile page, that you do femdom shows?

Or does he ask you if you own a nurse suit even if you’ve already listed all the outfits you own in your description?

He could be a time-waster or just a “lazy” paying customer (who’s still taking up too much of your time).

OK, so we’ve gone through the 4 key clues that’ll help you identify time wasters. Now, how about some techniques you could use to keep their number to a minimum?

To keep them at a distance or to minimize the time you spend with them, at least.

Here’s what you can do…

A. Guide the Conversation and Keep It on Track

Sometimes you need to step in, cut the bullshit (aka “the rambling”) and make him get to the point.

Your conversation in the free chat should boil down to 2 key aspects:

  • Can you do the show he’s looking for: yes or no?
  • Is he willing to get to playtime after 5 minutes: yes or no?

This brings us to the next technique:

B. Set a 5-Minute Rule

Give them 5 minutes, no more, to ask their questions in the free chat.

If the member approaching you knows what he wants and his intention is, indeed, to go live with you, 5 minutes should be enough to answer his yes/no questions.

C. Set Boundaries in Your Description

State what you won’t do right on your profile page to weed out time wasters from paying customers.

Have you pointed out on your profile that you don’t do “daddy dom” roleplay and someone approaches you on Skype asking if you do precisely that?

That should be a warning sign for you that you might be dealing with a time waster.

D. Include as Much Info as Possible in Your Description

This way, you reduce the chances that they ask you what toys/outfits you have, what roleplays you do, what fetishes you’re into.

Leave them with as few “pretexts” as possible to ask for info that’s already there, on your profile page, for them to read.

Not your fault if they’re too lazy to read your description…

E. Set a Limited No. of Questions They Can Ask in the Free Chat

Limit the number of questions to 3 or 5: an efficient system to streamline things a bit.

Being this straightforward from the start will discourage them from beating around the bush in the free chat.

F. Use the “Lookup Member” Feature in Your Model Account

Did you know you could check a SkyPrivate member’s activity history right from your model account?

It’s the “Lookup Member” feature and it’s right there, on your dashboard. It allows it to:

  • check if the person approaching you on Skype is, indeed, a SkyPrivate member
  • get access to some info about him

In short, use it to look for antecedents and warning signs.

The END!

These are some of the best tips that our top-earning models use to identify time wasters and keep them at a distance.

What are some of your own techniques for spotting and discouraging freeloaders?

Share them with the other models right here, in the comments!

Photos: Unsplash and Pexels.