do you use Skype? for simple voice calls…
…I bet you are one of the 700+ millions users
but do you have a simple way for payments and money transfers?, (banking), Google Wallet, Intuit GoPayment etc.
are leading the “simple” trend

SkyPrivate uses Skype IDs like Paypal uses email addresses to make payments & money transfers

eWallet for adult industry

SkyPrivate is an electronic money system using Skype ID for sending and receiving payments for WEB CAM independent models. Allows any business or consumer (cam model), with an Skype Account to securely, conveniently, cost-effectively and on the go, send and receive payments online.


Models CREATE FREE model ACCOUNT HERE and get paid for Skype Shows (you get 100% of the amount the member sends to you and minimum 75% – up to 80% when (if) you withdraw money out of Skyprivate)


Members, you want to pay your favorite model securely and with full privacy? CREATE FREE member ACCOUNT HERE

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