8 Simple Ways To Earn More on SkyPrivate

8 Simple Ways To Earn More on SkyPrivate

Did you know there are (at least) 8 different ways you can start earning more on SkyPrivate? WITHOUT burning yourself out?

Few models know about them all. And even fewer use them to their FULL potential.

So, in this post, I’m going to share with you 8 features available to you on SkyPrivate that you can use to make more money starting… TODAY.

Let’s dive in.

1. Use Interactive Toys

That’s right, I’m talking about tip-activated toys. That you can easily turn into your own money-making tools.

Here’s how:

  • Connect your interactive sex toy to your SkyPrivate account. Here’s How ⏩
  • Encourage members to activate it during your calls, for a (much) more interactive and personal  experience
  • Charge them for using it

That’s it!

2. Get Members to Send You Tips

Receiving tips is another great way to earn more with less work.

That is, you’re in a call with the Member who is either being charged by the minute or has prepaid ALREADY and you get to earn more, through tips, WITHOUT doing any extra work.

ON TOP of the money you’d get for your PPM or prepaid session. Cool, right?

And there’s more:

  • They can tip you during the call and/or within 30 minutes AFTER the Skype/Discord call
  • Tips, too, are covered by chargebacks

You’d only have to use your charm and flirting skills to get them to further reward you for the experience you’re offering them and spoil you with tips.

But how does a Member send you tips? And how do you receive these tips, more exactly? Here’s How ⏩

3. Create Your Own PREPAID Package Offers

Do you know what a Member is really after?

A good deal.

So, by bundling several of your services together Skype/ Discord sessions, custom video requests, sexting, etc. into custom prepaid packages, at a better price than if they were to buy each service separately, you:

  • Hook the Member with that good deal he can’t resist
  • Get your money upfront
  • Turn these Members into your regulars
  • Secure yourself ongoing bookings

How do you actually put together your custom prepaid packages? Here’s How ⏩

It’s a win-win. But where your gains are actually higher than theirs.

4. Enter the EXTRA 6% Campaign

You get 6% ON TOP of every payment that your referred Members spend with you.

Here’s how it works:

  • You go to Promo ⇒ Win Extra 6% Money and grab the referral link you have there
  • You then display it anywhere and everywhere your fans and followers can see it (your social media pages, your blog, your website if you have one, you name it)
  • Once one of your fans/followers creates a SkyPrivate Member account through your referral link, you get an EXTRA 6%; ON TOP of all the payments he’ll ever make with you on SkyPrivate.

… for lifetime.

Find out all about how you can activate this option in your Model account and how to withdraw the EXTRA 6% Balance you will have available HERE

5. Refer a New Model/Member

Did you know you can easily go from the 75% default payout percentage up to… 80%?

How? By getting someone to create a Memer or a Model account on SkyPrivate via your own referral link.

With every new such referred Member or Model you bring to the platform, you add 1% EXTRA to your payout.

Going from 75% all the way to… 80%.

Here’s how it works in 4  steps:

  1. You go to Promote ⇒ Referrals section in your Model account and copy your referral link
  2. Then, you send it to anyone interested in joining SkyPrivate as a Model or as a Member
  3. Once that person registers on SkyPrivate via your referral link AND becomes a qualified new Model/Member, you get a 1% EXTRA payout percentage
  4. Then another extra 1% for the next qualified new Member/Model you bring via your referral link and so on…

Find everything you need to know about how to activate and make the most of this feature HERE

6. Activate Your “Get More Calls” Option

There’s extra traffic on SkyPrivate extra opportunities, extra money — waiting for you to… unlock it.

You just need to activate an option available in your SkyPrivate Model account “Get More Calls” and drive all that extra traffic to your profile.

It’s THAT simple, really.

Here’s how you use this feature to earn more:

  • Go to Promote Get More Calls in your Model account.
  • Activate the option by checking on the On/Off box there

There! Now you’ll get access to a larger pool of members. Just be sure to be online to greet this new flux traffic coming to your Model page.

And to turn all these extra calls into… extra money.

7. Start Charging for Discord Shows, Too

Why should you limit yourself to taking paid calls on Skype only when you can charge for Discord calls, too? Since the pay-per-minute plugin works for Discord, as well…

And Discord is becoming the no.1 platform for one-on-one intimate cam shows for a good reason.

How do you actually connect your SkyPrivate Model account to your Discord account? Here’s How ⏩

After taking all the steps mentioned there you’ll be all set and ready to earn money from calls on Discord, too!

8. Earn Yourself a “Promoted Model” Spot

The higher you are on the (first) Profiles page, the more eyeballs you get on your profile pic.

And the more traffic you drive to your Model profile page.

Now think about the TOP of the page! That’s where all the eyes go. Where you get the best exposure.

So, just secure yourself one of the “Promoted Model” spots on top of the Profiles page and get all the spotlights on your profile page!

How? It’s simple:

  • Go to Promo ⇒ Promoted Slots (Bids) section in your Model account
  • Enter the bid amount you’re willing to place on one of the few Promoted Model spots available
  • … for a specific day of the week or for multiple days
  • Activate your bidding

Read more about the uber simple step-by-step bidding process HERE

And there you have it! 8 different ways you can start earning (even) more as a SkyPrivate model.

They’re all features available right there, in your Model account. You just need to activate them and get the most out of them. Don’t sleep on it…