New Skype, new Skype Translator

Chances are you’ve used Skype Translator at least once.

SkyPrivate models benefit from this useful perk when it comes to interacting with members that do not speak languages that they know.

Recently Skype did a couple of changes to its interface and launched a new version. We tried to play with the translator and noticed it works a bit different than in the previous version.

In the previous version, as instructed in the Skype support section, you would simply activate it.

Now, you would have to add it to your conversation, as if it were another Skype user, the Translator. This leads to the creation of a new, dedicated chat room with the users in the first one and the translator. We know, it might be a bit annoying to do that but it works well. However, we rely more on the text chat version for now,.

We did a small tutorial for you to follow if you want to activate Skype Translator in the new Skype. Let us know if you have any questions.

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